Playing Catch Ups.

Hey y’all, how are you this sunny Autumn Saturday? It’s a glorious day today, the sky is incredibly blue and the leaves on our deciduous trees are turning orange and red. It’s very much starting to feel like Autumn here in Brisi.

This week has been a non-week for sewing, I had a minor surgical procedure done on Tuesday that’s left me a bit icky and tired, then my youngest daughter was called to the Gold Coast to get her Pfizer vaccine. It was lovely to have a day at the Coast (and to eat fresh fish and chips on the beach). Thankfully we managed to make it home before the mother of all Winter storms hit the city.

Did you know that I’ve participated in medical research studies for 30 years? I can also officiate at weddings but that’s a whole other story LoL.

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This week’s digital pattern of the week is Monster Mash”. You can find the Monster Mash digital pattern in our Etsy store and our webstore here.

A similar pattern called Wild Things is available in our Happy Quilts Book.

Well that’s it from me this week, like I said I’m very tired, anaesthetics really hit hard these days. I’m regretting that I decided to roast a leg of pork for dinner tonight instead of grabbing a pizza LoL. Take care of yourselves, remember to send me piccies of your Monster Mash/Wild Things quilts. Much love, toni xx

I’m afraid I have to ask for everyone to be patient with their orders again. I process your printed orders within 24 hours but Australia Post and various other global postal services including the USPS have used Covid as an excuse to cut their services. There is nothing I can do, please speak to your local politician or send a complaint to the Australian Ombudsman, but please don’t take it out on me. This is our collective Governments gutting services and using genuine Covid issues as an excuse to do so. Unfortunately even Brisbane to Brisbane deliveries are taking two weeks due to processing delays and every-second-day deliveries which now look to be permanent.