Rainy Daze.

Hello everyone! It’s a very rainy Saturday here in Brisbane, the plants are singing happy songs and the creek is up (thankfully washing away the mozzies from last month’s downfall).

We’ve had another ridiculously busy week and are all a bit sleepy after a 4.30am start this morning – eeeeek!

It was our wedding anniversary this week, something I always forget and something my mother always reminds me of LoL. Let’s just say I was a child bride, I must have been to have been married for this long!

The zoo quilt is slowly coming along. I keep having a crisis of creative faith and each and every block has been unpicked, re-sewn, binned, un-binned, and re-sewn again. I’ve spent far too much time comparing myself to others lately, as well as being asked to designs quilts that “are more like the ones such and such makes..” That kind of thing really saps your energy and makes you doubt yourself so much. In future I’m just going to direct these companies to the designers they want me to emulate. I think they think I’ll be a cheap alternative *sigh*.

To keep the sashing or not to keep the sashing, that is the question!

Quilt of the Week!

This week’s PDF quilt pattern of the week is “The Land Down Under”.

Pop on in to our webstore or to our Etsy store to receive 20% off the price of the digital PDF pattern.

Please share your Land Down Under project photos with us and go in the draw to win (3) PDF patterns of your choice!

Email your photos to us here.

Click on the images above to see Land Down Under quilts made by Gay, Maria, Sio, Joy, Jill, Annette, Maryanne, Mandy, and Kylie. Thanks for sharing guys! I’ve put your names into the draw for the giveaway. Your quilts are GORGEOUS!

Well the rain has stopped for the minute and the man of the house is calling me to help pull the weeds out of the back gardens. Recent rains have seen an explosion of invasive weeds.

I’m going to leave you with the image of a failed block – my poor orangutan. I can’t decide whether he looks like a muddy Yeti or whether he looks like Homer Simpson in a fur suit. Either way I think he wants a donut.

Back to the drawing board for this one! Take care, much love, toni xx

9 thoughts on “Rainy Daze.”

  • Please don’t doubt yourself Toni, not your wonderful, creative ability. You bring such joy. I don’t think you realize how much. The world is full of unkind people who want to knock the caring ones, but the good ones keep on going. 🥰

  • I am loving the Zoo quilt! (I almost typed “Zoom”! I have been teaching this way TOO long! Haha)…Even Homer is looking good 🙂 I love this!

  • These quilts are adorable!
    Please don’t forget to celebrate your Anniversary, though! Those together times must be cherished, and you deserve a bit of fun.💕🎂🌺☘️

  • Maye Manchester

    I love your orangutan!!! All your critters have so much personality. Love them all. You have an amazing imagination!! Keep up the good work. Happy anniversary.

  • Peggy aka purduefan94

    You do you, Toni – because you are great at it and I for one LOVE your quilt patterns!! I agree – tell them to go on down the road to whoever it is they are wanting you to be. Perhaps with a hand gesture along with it? 😉 I, for one, think you aren’t charging enough for your patterns. Yours are by far the cheapest out there for the quality and detail. Most others are at least $10 USD. My other favorite kids quilt applique designer charges $10 – $15 USD.
    Your comment on your orangutan actually made me LOL!! Homer!!! Hahaha!!! Toni, you are a gem.
    Cheers from Texas!

  • Keep doing what YOU do, those of us who follow you do so because we think what you do is great. If the others really want so and sos quilt style let them go to them. You suit us.

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