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Hi lovely quilters! A serious topic today… emails, downloads, and download links. I’ve been receiving a lot of angry emails about missing downloads and links lately. I just wanted to clear a few things up.

All email providers are cracking down on what they perceive to be junk, spam, and scam emails. Anything with an attachment or link included in the email is perceived as a threat. These emails get blocked at the server – this is where your email provider processes your emails before they make it to your inbox.

I cannot control this and it’s not my responsibility to ensure you are receiving your emails. I cannot legally do anything to unblock myself, Etsy, or the publisher from your server.

Please always check your spam and junk mail folders. If the emails are not there log into your mail provider’s website and check the spam and junk mail filters on the site.

When (if) you find the missing emails please tick the relevant boxes to say the emails aren’t spam so you receive them in the future. It is up to you to put us on the ‘this isn’t spam’ list.

If you still can’t find your receipt, download, or link please email me. I will always help you out and am happy to manually email the digital patterns to you.

Re the templates for the book, Penguin is now providing a download link for the templates. I have no control over this process. All decisions regarding the book are out of my hands.

I’m happy to send the templates to you via email but you must send proof of purchase before I will do so.

Please be polite, everyone seems to have forgotten their manners lately. Please also remember national and international time differences. Sending me ten angry emails is useless if it’s 3am in the morning in Brisbane, Australia (where I live).

In my very own email hell my new laptop (my ten year old Mac just kicked the tech bucket) is currently downloading 87,000 emails (I’m not even remotely kidding). It’s a glitch on my mail provider’s site and it does it every time I get a new device. They even downloaded to my phone! Guess what I’ll be doing tonight instead of sewing – deleting emails… again! Much love and many thanks, toni xx

  • The ‘Monster Mash’ quilt pattern is available in the Happy Quilts book, in our Etsy store, and here on our website in both digital PDF and printed formats. Please use the menu function to find both options.

8 thoughts on “Emails + Downloads”

  • Good grief Toni. I’m so sorry. People are just so rude and angry right now. You’re quilting, people! It’s not an emergency!
    Sending you warm gentle hugs -Peggy

  • Thank you for how calmly you explained potential email issues. I seldom have issues but, when I do, I wait a day and try again, and then I contact the originator and ask for assistance if needed.
    I’m putting off getting a new laptop as long as I can. Lots of files. My email provider just switched their provider so all my old emails have the new import date on them. Gee, that’s helpful. Good luck with your deletions. I delete a bunch then exit and let them fully delete, then go in again and do a bunch more. It makes things easier if I delete something by mistake. From how often you’ve had to do this, I assume you have a system in place.

  • I am sorry people are being nasty. Especially as you come across as a very friendly, happy person. Thanks for all that you do and your cute patterns.

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