A Day at the Zoo

Happy Sunday lovely quilters, how has your week been? Ours went by in a foggy blur of seasonal allergies and (far too many) antihistamines.

It was my daughter’s birthday this week and we relived her childhood with a Barbie cake *giggles*. Kate’s workmate makes the most amazing cakes, this not only looked amazing, it tasted wonderful. If you are in the Brisbane area and want a cake made, message me and I’ll put you in touch! The cake is a lot bigger than it looks and would easily serve 10-12 people.

The zoo quilt is coming along a treat. I’m starting to enjoy myself (sewing) again. The pressure of the past year has been startling – trying to keep the business afloat during Covid, re-thinking distribution and sales options (a total failure due to Covid) and all the stresses that come from it.

We’re not out of the woods yet so please keep sharing photos and passing the word about my patterns. I really appreciate it as I rely (heavily) on word-of-mouth advertising and sales at the moment.

Thank you, Covid-free hugs and stuff!

I’m skipping this week’s quilt of the week promo. I haven’t quite got the timing right. I’ll work it all out this week and come back to you later with details. It’s clashing with the sew-along.

I’m hoping to get some serious sewing time in this week, I have at least a dozen quilts in various stages of not finished.

Take care everyone, I must go and find something for dinner. It’s leftover night tonight and I’ve got to say that nothing in the fridge is appealing to me. If I could I’d just have Vegemite toast, a large cup of tea, and a Cherry Ripe for dessert!

toni xx

3 thoughts on “A Day at the Zoo”

  • Oh my goodness, my own 18 year old daughter would have squealed at that Barbie cake!! How fantastic! It looks like y’all had a lot of fun.
    I’m sending you lots of warm hugs from here. I love your patterns and will pass the word as I can. I’m laid up at the moment – and will be for several weeks due to surgery – but as soon as I’m good again, working on Camp Grizzly is at the top of my list!! Those bears really make me smile. My plan is to make one quilt for my nephew and take pics to post on my social media, then make a few of your other quilts for a children’s charity here in Texas to really spread the smiles. I’ll happily share those pics with my quilt group too, so I know you’ll get a few customers from that!
    I always love getting emails from you! Especially when there are pictures included since I’ve never been to Australia. The view from your backyard is amazing and looks so peaceful. Here’s hoping you can find some peace and rest over the next few days…
    – Peggy (@purduefan94 and TexanAmi on Etsy)

  • So glad you are feeling like sewing. I can’t pick up any, sadly due to a very stressful long period. Patchwork and Quilting was my hobby and joy. I am determined to start again soon. Your patterns inspire me Toni and I love them. I am forever grateful that I smile everytime I see a post from you. You probably don’t realize how many people you help 😘 Anyhow I wanted to particularly comment on your excellent taste. I am forever a vegemite fan Everyday without fail, mine with coffee. My favorite meal of the day and Cherry Ripes are a family favorite 😍 Keep being who you are Toni, we love you.

    • Oh Anne, I’m so sorry you’ve not been 100%. I know how that feels (very much so). The past couple of years have been a desperate struggle. I hope you manage to pick up your sewing again soon. Thank you for your very kind comment, I feel like I do nothing but whine lately :o) I miss my vegemite toast, I was diagnosed as an atypical coeliac recently and can’t eat it anymore. The diagnosis is debated so maybe one day I can eat it again! All my fingers and toes are crossed in hope! Take care of yourself, xx

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