Wednesday chatter…

Good morning lovelies! Gosh it’s Wednesday already, the past week has flown by. It’s been raining for the better part of the past five days and everything is damp (including us). The garden is revelling in good soaking rain after a couple of years of near drought and already there is new growth where there was none before.

Further south from us the rain has turned into flood waters and areas that were burnt in the 2020 fires are now underwater. Life in the 20’s right? Climate change and all.

The creek at the bottom of our garden flooding.

Life at the Red Boots house continues on it’s merry and hectic way. I’m alone today which is a rare occurrence. It’s quite lovely though very, very quiet. I thought I might catch up on some work (sewing) but the call of the nap monster is compelling.

I’m currently working on half a dozen projects, jumping from one to another like a squirrel looking for nuts; it’s how my brain is working these days and I just have to go with the flow. At sometime in the middle of the night last week (usually 3am when my brain is most creatively active) I decided to make yellow spiky stars – go figure. Love them though!

The ‘favourite things’ quilt is slowly building… it’s a pet project of mine and it’s going to be huuuuge. The pattern will be set out in a way that allows you to choose your blocks and make whatever size you prefer. It will be a while coming, I have at least 144 templates to draw and proof.

The jungle quilt is also slowly growing and getting closer to being finished. Leonard the not-so-cowardly lion was finished last night. Little bit by little bit things are coming together, more slowly than I would like but needs must. That’s where I leave you today, I’m off in search of an apple and maybe a cup of tea. It’s 11am after all, it’s tea time! Much love to all, toni xx

3 thoughts on “Wednesday chatter…”

  • Lovely chat, thank you. We haven’t been bothered by the flood in Gunnedah but have had 50 mls much needed rain. Your projects are beautiful. I am still working on the doll quilt, loving every minute of it. Thank you.
    Tina mcintosh

    • Me too Tina, getting close to finishing the top, only borders to go, fabrics are even pulled but do you think I can move to make that rotary cutter go? How hum, even the lovely rain didn’t inspire me as it used to.

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