Hello happy quilters! How are you all on this sunny Wednesday? I have to keep reminding myself it’s Wednesday, I’m a day behind. University has gone back to on-campus classes for the first time in a year (thanks Covid) and we’re out of sorts so to speak. It’s difficult to comprehend the complete ‘loss’ of a year isn’t it. It’s like 2020 was a bit of a dream. I hope the vaccine lets some semblance of normality to return to (all) our lives.

Covid is still disrupting postal systems worldwide. AustPost and the US Custom’s Service have pulled a mean little trick and want us to pay $21 (each) to post patterns. As you can imagine, that kind of postal cost will force a lot of small quilting businesses to close. I’m waiting to see how it pans out (the charges are already being enforced) before I make any decisions.

It makes the need for a US distributor (for me) even more urgent. I was supposed to travel to the US last year to present my patterns to the companies that distribute within the US but again Covid got in the way. Anyone who can help with contacts in the industry in the US please message me. I get a lot of wholesale enquiries from the US but the postal costs are a huge deterrent both both myself and the stores concerned.

We’ve had a little drama with our neighbour again. I did find out that the police actually shout ‘clear’ when they do a sweep of a house – just like the TV/movies. The things you learn! For a quiet street inhabited by mostly 70+ (year old) retirees and young families we sure have an interesting life!

Coming Soon!

Okay lovelies, that’s me for today. I’m going for a walk to the post box before I cook dinner for the crew. I’m sewing but there isn’t much to show right now. The past 12 months has been nothing but putting out Covid related business fires and calming everyone over postal delays. Sheesh, who’d have thunk we would be living through a pandemic. It’s the kind of thing you read about in history books. Take care, I’ll be back Friday with the next instalment of the Fairy Tale Sew-Along! Much love, toni xx

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