Captain Planet

Hey lovelies, this is just a FYI post. I’m trialing recycled paper for my printed patterns, if nothing else it makes me feel like I’m doing my little bit to help the environment and planet. The paper isn’t bright white but I’m sure we can all get used to it. Our cellophane covers are considered environmentally friendly so that’s a bonus.

In other news my lovely, gorgeous daughter graduated from University this week. Actually she graduated late last year but it’s taken this long (with three cancellations due to Covid) to do the whole official ceremony thing. Everyone gave their daughters flowers except me who knows better… teddy bears ruled the day! I wish I could say the study-thing was over for us for now but she’s going back to do one of the medical degrees this year.

Back to the grindstone for me, roast beef is the order for the night and I’ve got rich beefy onion gravy to make from scratch. Yummo! Take care, toni xx

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