It’s a jungle out there…

Good morning lovelies! How are you all on this overcast Brisi day? We’ve had a weird Summer so far, it’s been gloomy and downright cold in the early mornings which is very unusual for us. I must admit though I’m loving the cooler mornings, it’s lovely to sleep without sweating!

I’m slowly getting on top of the total brain fog I’ve had for the past couple of months. The new Fairy Tale (fairytale, fairy-tale, fairy tale ughh US vs. UK spelling) sew-a-long is almost ready to go. I’ve haven’t got any photos to tease you with yet, did I mention my brain fog? Ha ha ha! The first instalment will go up on the first week of March. More info soon but it will run along the same lines as the Paper Dolls sew-along last year.

At the moment I’m also re-designing and improving the old Miss Molly’s Doll House pattern (below) – it will be easier to make and include some sweet little paper dolls. I’ve been drawing monkeys and giraffes for a jungle quilt, and I’ve got a quilt, perhaps a new sew-along quilt, in the development stages.

A new store has been set up on the site, the menu is located on the right of the page. This will enable you to buy directly from me if you prefer not to use Etsy. I’m hoping to set up a wholesale ordering system this year too. The Etsy store will continue to operate as usual.

Do you remember the big hoop pine we had to have removed from the creek? It came down today; the guys arrived nice and early and within a few short hours a 200 year old (plus) tree was gone. Hoop pines can live to be 450 years old and this one was middle aged apparently. The poor sweetie was rotten at the base due to storm damage a few years ago. Now it’s down, we can begin cleaning up the yard and sort out the mess that used to be gardens.

I’m off to do some work. Actually I’m going to have a well earned ice-block before I have to pick up Kate from work. Then I’m going to do some work! Much love to you all, toni xx

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