Hey Ho.

Hey lovelies, I hope this week sees you all well. As you may have guessed, I’m not doing okay right now; mostly it’s just a case of not being able to turn my stress hormones off. I’m still working and everything is chugging along behind the scenes, I just need some time to get a handle on the craziness that is our life here in sunny Brisbane. I take the brunt of 90% of our nasty neighbour’s appalling behaviour because I work from home and occasionally my tough-old-broad shoulders can’t take the burden. Be safe everyone, take care of yourselves, much love to you all, toni xx

Edit: thank you for your lovely, funny, fierce comments and support. Please don’t try to contact him, leave comments on his social media pages etc. Our problems with our neighbour aren’t the usual loud music or party type complaints. He is a violent offender who has threatened to harm us in a variety of terrible ways. The police look after us within the limits of the law. I would hate for you to put yourselves in danger or at odds with the law or social media platforms on my behalf. I do love your funny ideas of revenge, I have laughed so much in the past 24 hours and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. It makes things okay. xx

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  • Hi Toni, sending you happy thoughts, I can’t imagine how you get through your days with a neighbour like that – I live on acreage on the south side of sunny Brisbane and have totally serene days. Come and visit if you need a day out. Thank you for the many hours of pleasure your designs have given me, I am sure your craft will help see you through to better days. Keep smiling – Thinking of you. xx

  • Prayers for relief from the stess! In this crazy world we seem to have for the moment way to much stress…we NEED your happy happy patterns to escape for a bit! Im sorry for your bad conditions….you are such a joy to many! 🙂 we love your patterns.

  • Hi Toni, You are an amazing artist. Many of my sewing students (ladies) struggle with life and your Paper Dolls have filled their hearts with joy and bought back lots of happy memories of their happy childhoods. Thank you from all our hearts.
    As far as your fabulous neighbours go….. We had 2 houses of horrid neighbours and guess what…within 1 year they have all
    moved and we now have the most beautiful neighbours. Hopefully this will happen to you.

  • Toni, so sorry to hear about you bad neighbor wish I could mail over so rats for you but I too an terrified of rats… just know there are a lot of us that love and respect you for all you do and he doesn’t have any of that. Are you guys still in lock down? I will be so glad when we all can live like we used too if that is in the future….take care love Regina Muli Hattiesburg MS. USA

  • I shake my head that this individual is allowed to continue to terrorise you and get away with it. I wish there was something we all could do to make it better for you. Take care.

  • So sorry for your continuing issues with your neighbor!! Sending you prayers and good thoughts!! Thank you for all you do for us !!! Debbi

  • I am sorry to hear your stressed. It’s such a trying time for all of us. You d8nt nerd trouble with a neighbor. What you need is a German shepherd like I have. Nest fog I have ever had. Diesel is 120 lbs black! He scares anyone that comes up my driveway. He is a big teddy bear. But believe me he is always on guard. Take care! Vicki

  • Can you move? Your health. peace of mind and safety are what is important. I love your joyful, beautiful patterns.
    The light of God surrounds you
    The love of God enfolds you
    The power of God protects you
    The presence of God watches over you
    Wherever Toni is God is and
    All Is Well

  • Hi Toni, It is terrible that you are still having trouble with your neighbor after such a long time and I hope that it can work out sometime very soon. Your beautiful, happy patterns are so lovely and I eagerly await each new design. I hope that your creative juices can get you through such a hard time.

  • Hang in there. Sometimes it helps to wear ear plugs and put blinders on so all your focus is in your created world of color and harmony where Peace and Relaxation are always present and your mantra is a joyful noise that provides hope and success towards your life goals. I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Thanks Monica. I think I have every type of noise cancelling headphones you can buy LoL. I try and concentrate on the beauty in the world, it works most days, occasionally (like now) it’s hard. I’m sure better times are coming for us. xx

  • It’s awful you have such horrid neighbors. Know that you and your patterns are loved this side of the pond. The reindeers were out at Christmas taking a turn around the room, and my daughter Hannah has the Ellies in full production at the moment.

  • Will keep you in my thoughts n prayers for peaceful times to come. Stay safe.
    So enjoy your winderful patterns. Think you – u have such talent .. Blessing to you for sharing ..

  • Toni you should give us his address so we can all write and tell him just how despicable of a human being that he is. I am so sorry that he is always so awful to you! Hang in there and know how much we love and appreciate you! And I can send my cousins over with some really nasty snakes to share his bed.

    • Thank you for the giggle Brenda! Snakes don’t bother him but he’s really terrified of rats ha ha. All laughing aside this guy is violent and dangerous and has been in prison for a variety of nasty offences including participating in an armed robbery. He hates women and sees me as an authority figure so I get a double whammy of hate from him. We’ll get there in the end, it’s a roller coaster ride that’s for sure! xx

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