Sunny Saturdays.

Hello lovelies, I hope today sees you all happy and well. I’ve been getting ready for the launch of our new Fairy Tale Sew-Along (which should go live late February). I’ve also consolidated last year’s Paper Doll Sew-Along instructions and templates into one downloadable pattern which you can find on the Free Projects page. You will still need to download some of the bonus blocks separately.

On the home front we’ve been working hard to save as many plants on the back hill as we can before next week’s destructive tree removal by Council. They seem to think that a good three metre swathe of lawn and gardens will be destroyed from front to back for the length of the yard. It’s not something we’d planned on spending weeks doing in the January heat!

I’ve been taking a short break from the social media side of the business but I’ll be back soon. Much love to everyone, toni xx