Stayin’ Alive

Hi everyone, how are you all on this sunny Friday afternoon? Heck, I can’t think of a thing to write. The sun is shining, that’s a start. There’s a family of grey butcher birds outside my window, a mamma and a papa feeding their two babies. They have the prettiest song, and they sing their hearts out all day long.

Gosh, I’ve been sitting here for two and a half hours writing, deleting, writing, deleting. It’s been a difficult few weeks and I’ve almost reached the end of my capacity to deal with our neighbour. This week was particularly bad but today I’ve managed to shake the doom a little and I’m finding joy in the small things.

Small things plus 1970’s disco. Yep, I’ve rediscovered 70’s disco. There’s nothing like putting on your headphones and cranking up the volume when a lunatic is threatening to do heinous things to you. I’m serious, just call me John Travolta!

Am I sewing? Designing new projects? Heck yes! They just aren’t ready yet. Let’s draw a line under 2020 and begin again in 2021 shall we. I’m dusting the cobwebs off the Christmas tree this weekend and I’m tinselling up the place. Hey I think I’m sounding a bit defiant here aren’t I? I’m so damn angry this man has tortured us for so long, that he thinks he has the RIGHT to do so. Grrr. I’m taking back my life one tiny bit at a time! When I can use my front door again we’ll celebrate!

My cactus are putting on a beautiful show right now and cheering me up no end. I must move them out of the full sun before it gets really hot. A lot of cactus get sunburnt and die, something I’ve learned the hard way over the years.

We rescued a cute, adorably happy little doggo this week. This little fella escaped his backyard during a noisy storm and ended up on a very busy, multi lane intersection. He nearly got squished a couple of times before we got him in the car. He was the dog version of Spud. He even liked having his butt scratched the same way as Spud does LoL. Everything ended happily, with pup and owner reunited.

Do you remember us digging up our mature lemon tree (beginning of August) and transplanting it to the other side of the yard? Well it was touch and go there for a while; months of me babying it along, talking to it, and hoping it would bounce back from it’s transplant shock.

Look LEAVES! After almost four months it’s finally forgiven me and is sprouting new, healthy growth. I was so excited when it burst into leaf this week!!! Also look at that bare dirt, that’s what a couple of years worth of drought and a rogue scrub turkey does.

The gazanias we planted have also burst into bloom. I normally kill these things – they are supposed to be hardy but in my hands they turn up their toes and turn to mulch. I’m extraordinarily pleased at their growth. Small things.

Well everyone, I hope your coming week is a happy one with lots of sewing, coffee, and cookies (and maybe some 70’s disco?) to keep you busy and content. Remember…

Don’t blame it on the sunshine,
Don’t blame it on the moonlight,
Don’t blame it on good times,
Blame it on the boogie!

Much love to all, toni xx

7 thoughts on “Stayin’ Alive”

  • Sorry you have one of ‘those neighbours, we have one too, although he is either mellowing or thinking up a new plan, coz he’s been quiet for a while. I hope things settle for you ❤ what would we do without sewing to soothe frayed nerves.

  • Hi Toni! Just thought I’d let you know that I was singing the lyrics as I was reading you’re email! Wishing you and Happy Thanksgiving! As for your neighbor…don’t let him in your space! Stay beautiful!!!

  • Oh gosh Toni! How awful to have to deal with this neighbor! Is it all verbal? Does he do any damage to your place? Get the law involved. I am blessed with good neighbors on either side of me.
    He will have a hoard of sewers going after him if he doesn’t straighten up!

    Love you Toni and for all you do for us

  • So sorry about your neighbor – I can’t imagine !! But what a great attitude you have -!!! 2020 had been something else but I have enjoyed your posts and pictures – thank you !! Hope things are resolved with your neighbor soon!! Hang in there !! Debbi

  • Your gazanias look beautiful and stand for a quiet statement that you are loved and worth all it took, and more, to flourish and bloom for you to enjoy.

  • Yes turn up the music so you can’t hear that neighbour!
    Oh so good to see new growth on the lemon tree, I was also excited after transplanting my Advo plant and finally see new leaves appear.
    Pretty colour growing in your garden.

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