Happy Friday

Hello lovelies, a happy Friday to y’all. I hope you’re all hanging in there, what a week it’s been with the US election and all. The anxiety everyone is feeling seems to be spilling over into everyday life and I’ve spent my week trying to soothe frayed tempers over extended shipping times. More about this at the end of this post.

I wanted to share with you these inspiring ideas. These are Dani’s paper dolls; she has stitched around her dolls using straight stitch and dark thread, giving the characters a cartoon/colouring book vibe. I think it’s wonderful and a great option for your applique. I stitched my Mr Fox and Spring Fling quilts this way.

I’ve had a few questions re fraying and it really depends on the products you are using and how you wash your projects. I’ve got a 20 year old quilt that I stitched like this that has minimal fray (it’s made from flannel). However I’ve also had fabric fray just from cutting it much less washing. It’s a coin toss sometimes. A great tip is to sew around the shapes two to three times, the stitching acts as a ‘fray stop’.

Good quality fabric, good quality purpose appropriate fusible webbing, and gentle hand or machine washing will prolong your quilt’s life and protect against excess fraying. Still concerned? Make a simple test block and run it through your machine a couple of times.

Next up is Jill’s “Harry & the Hound Dogs” quilt.

Jill has stitched around her applique shapes using blanket stitch and dark contrasting thread. You can see that it gives a strong outline and that cartoon/colouring book vibe too. I’m so in love with this look that I think it may feature strongly in my quilts from here on in. I love the inspiration you all give me, please keep sharing your photos!

Speaking of inspiration, or the lack of, the sloths are still giving me trouble. I think it’s the fabric I am using. It may be back to the drawing board for these guys (again). I’ll eventually get it right. Normally I’d put them aside but they are bugging the heck out of me and I’m stubbornly sticking with them. They are on notice though!

I hope you’ve all been safe and well, take care of yourselves, much love, toni xx

If you are waiting on printed patterns and would like to make a head start on your project, please message me and I will send the PDF version of the pattern to you while you’re waiting for the USPS to clear it’s backlog. Currently mail is taking approx. 5 – 6 weeks to be delivered in the US. Proof of purchase will be required.

Can I just remind everyone that once the mail leaves my hands it’s up to the postal services in each country to ensure mail is delivered in a reasonable time frame. Each individual County, State, and Country are under different Corona-virus restrictions and rules. Please be patient. Name calling and threats aren’t productive and don’t solve anything, they just make everyone miserable.

5 thoughts on “Happy Friday”

  • Im sorry you are having trouble with shipping toni! You give excellent service! Love your patterns! I have bad eyesight..had carracts surgery..dr gave good surgery bad advice….i cant see close up to sew well…applique was my favorite..loved hand work…and reading…now its stressful….but your patterns and service are the BEST!.
    …I’m wanting to order your paper dolls. Love them..but in no hurry….Cant wait. For sloths! Cute! I think you are too hard on yourself!:)
    Yep we all need more patience….dont know whats up with the entire year being so terrible but looks like its going to finish that way also….thanks

  • Not only are name-calling and threats non-productive, they will do absolutely NOTHING to hurry the P.O. along…. We all need to learn to be a bit more patient in these times.

  • HI Toni:

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I truly hope you have not been the subject of some of the name calling and threats. I know I understand we must be patient in times like these!

    Myra McGonigle
    United States

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for your message. You can find the printed version of the Paper Dolls sew-along pattern in our Etsy store. It doesn’t contain the bonus blocks. I’m happy to send the templates for the bonus blocks but it bumps the price up due to ridiculous postage fees. I hope this helps, toni xx

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