Checking In.

Hello lovely people, how have you been this week? Our week was derailed because we had to get tested, and therefore quarantined for Corona-virus. We’re all good, it was just a precaution for a speaking engagement. The probe wasn’t too bad. Actually it wasn’t bad at all – an uncomfortable prickle at the back of the nose.

We’ve had some pretty wild, stormy weather this week but today the sun is shining and there has been a mass hatching of butterflies. I can see to the end of the street from where I sit at my desk and there are yellow butterflies flutterbying everywhere. It’s thoroughly beautiful. The air is sweet with jasmine and gardenia. I love Spring, don’t you?

I wish I had something new to show you, this year has not been my most productive. It’s an interesting study, seeing how everyone has coped with 2020. Some have achieved their magnum opus, others like me have put on weight and wondered where the year has gone LoL. We’ll all get there in the end. Take care won’t you, much love, toni xx

Bohemian Rhapsody quilt pattern

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  • We had our first snow and ice storm, complete with thunder, in the (806) three days ago. Everything’s thawed out, sun is warm and bright, and it’s a beautiful day! Thank You, Lord! Wading through boxes, giving away, and generally cleaning out for company in November. Still missing my Marine son, but I know he’s doing well. Another Thank You, Lord! Wishing everyone a most blessed day from the (806)!

  • You have given us so much through this extremely trying time for us all. I’ve been dealing with a husband that had a “minor” surgery in January that turned into a major infection and months of Wound Care at a Clinic!! Last appointment was just last week, we made it through now for Hubby to regain some strength after months of restricted movement. I had to do all the driving–hadn’t driven since an accident that left me getting neck fusion and loss of hand use–I had to take over all the yard maintenance-2 acres-in addition to everything I usually do–it really put a strain on my sewing time, non-existent! It is fall here in Texas so yard will not be so much work-hopefully I can get back to my Paper Dolls!! Raw edge applique is my favorite, it suits my limited hand use. Getting the new patterns was such a bright spot in my day!! More than you can imagine. Your view from your window sounds soo wonderful it as really lifted my spirits! Times have been tough for all of us-world wide-we’ll make it through with the help of our on-line friends, you have brighten my load today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • It has been an interesting year – to say the least 😊😊Glad you all are well. We are in the middle of fall – my favorite season with the leaves changing colors and the crisp mornings and warm afternoons!!! Your posts have been encouraging through all this – so you have been productive , just in a different way. Take care !!!! Debbi

  • I worked through lockdown in New Zealand and for some reason thought I would be fit and thin at the end. Yes you can stop laughing now. I didnt put on weight but wgat I had migrated around and i was so unfit. You have my sympathy but how gorgeous the butterflies sound .

  • I love Spring also, nature is so beautiful. Speaking of butterflies. Wouldn’t a Spring Quilt be gorgeous. You take care too Toni 😘

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