Paper Dolls #17

Hi everyone! How are you all on this simply gorgeous Friday night. The window beside my desk is open, I have a dopey big kitty sitting beside me purring, the crickets are actually chirping, and the stars are shining. It’s hard to believe there is a ‘real world’ happening out there with all the good and bad it can throw at us.

Remy-the-Lion had a surgical procedure done today and we all waited with baited breath to see if he was okay. He is thank goodness. In fact he came through without a hitch and got full marks for his health (except a mild ear infection). I can’t believe he is 10 years old already! I’m also not sure how the heck I’m supposed to get ear drops in those cranky lion-ish ears!

Pay it Forward…

Before we get to the Paper Dolls Sew-Along I’d like to ask a favour of you. This young man, Will, is raising money for childhood cancer. He is a very kind, generous, and compassionate kid and it would be great if y’all could pop on over to his fundraising page and donate a dollar or two towards the cause. If everyone gave just one dollar, Will would reach his target and perhaps beyond. His Mum Kelly is one of our lovely Red Boots members and is riding too. You can find Kelly’s fundraising page here. This is a great cause guys and it takes so little to make a huge difference. Donations over $2 are tax deductible for Aussies.

Paper Doll Sew-Along

The next instalment of our Thermoweb Paper Doll Sew-Along is ready to go. It’s the last doll block of the quilt – we’re almost done! You can download the file by clicking on the image below, or you can find all of the instalments on the Paper Dolls Sew-Along page here. I’ve added the instructions for the Quarter-Square Triangle blocks for the border; I thought you might like to get a head start seeing there are (84) of them. You can of course add plain borders to the quilt. The wheelchair doll is Block 35 and you can find his/her instructions on the Sew-Along page. If you prefer not to have a wheelchair, you can re-use one of the other templates to fill in the blank block.

Slothy McSloths

I haven’t got much further with the sloths this week, but they are at the top of the sewing list. I was hoping to get another two rows done but the website pitched a fit and I nearly lost everything. I’ve done nothing but try and fix broken coding all week – arghhhhh technology!!! Okey Dokey, that’s it from me, it’s dinner time and I have a woozy cat that is demanding food and he’s not allowed to have it LoL. Take care of yourselves, much love, toni xx

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