Don’t Worry Be Happy

Hello everyone! How has your week been? We’ve had a simply ridiculous week. There was a medical emergency at my daughter’s workplace that I ended up being involved in. Then there was Spud. Spud is a neurotic little ginger kitty that spends his days on the end of my bed. Spud gets stressed very easily and his reaction is to stop peeing. Most of the time it’s easily solved by giving him a small dose of kitty anti-anxiety medication. He sleeps, he de-stresses, he pees. Problems solved right?

This time around was horribly different. This is meant to make you laugh okay, he’s fine, we’re fine, laugh with us.

Now Spudly couldn’t empty his bladder, he was as full as a boot and we urgently needed to get him to go to the toilet. The easiest way to encourage Spud to pee is to put him in his cat carrier and take him for a drive. Mean but effective.

So here I am driving a cat around the block, like I’ve got a sleepless baby, begging him to pee. Come on Spud, pee for Mama. It didn’t work. Next I call the vet and he says to up his anxiety meds. “Give him the full dose Toni” he said.

He said.

Next I know I have a drug-addled cat, with huge eyes, staggering around the house, refusing to stay still. The increased dose did relax his bladder muscles… there was pee.

Lots and lots of pee. He couldn’t control it.

I spent my Thursday trailing behind a stoned cat with a mop. He didn’t miss a room. I just had to wait until a) he was empty, and b) he finally fell asleep. Three hours later we achieved both. Oh the horror!

I did get some work done in between episodes of insanity and we’re slothing along just fine.

I hope your week has been less eventful than ours. Stay safe and healthy, eat some cake, hug a pet, do some sewing, be happy. Much love, toni xx

Ps. Did you know that cats get the munchies after anxiety meds? Eight tins of cat food later…

11 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Be Happy”

  • I shouldn’t be laughing at hearing your sweet kitty’s plight but you relay it in such a picture evoking way! Thanks for the giggle today.
    I too have anxiety and have found extra exercise helps. Don’t know if seeing you walking your cat is possible – Toni –Best of wishes to you and yours!

  • You sure seem to find humour in things others would freak out about. 🙂 I was laughing as I can almost relate. We have one cat that pees when she gets upset, and the kitty litter isn’t 100% clean. I clean it 4-5 times per day now, and once in the middle of the night. I never know when and where I will find a fragrant wet gift. Add to it that we are trying to sell the condo and my excellent sense of smell is serving me well right now. (Imagine a grown woman on all fours sniffing every corner of the condo.) The vet has recommended anxiety meds but I am holding off as I love her personality and have a good friend on anxiety meds who is screaming at me not to do it.
    You are amazing, and Spud is one lucky feline.
    Love the sloth.

  • You definitely made me laugh, and I have a very good idea of what you were doing. Our 18 year old cat recently passed from kidney failure (among other ailments). Her litter box habits, or lack of use of said box, during those last few months made life very interesting. Sometimes we need to laugh at what life sends us otherwise we would run out of tears.

  • You so make me laugh, but having spent the last couple of months dealing with a dog who wasn’t pooping after surgery and then a month later getting diarrhea–I feel for you

  • The image in my head of you following poor Spud around with a mop certainly made me laugh. We also had a dog on Valium during scary moments and he also got the munchies. He was usually full just before we ran out of food and he went to sleep at last. Sad but funny to see. Dont worry you are in good company. Just make sure you never run out of food for you or Spud.

  • Ps I really wish I was a better looking little critter in my comments. A butterfly, flower, a ladybug, parrot please work your magic Toni

  • Thank goodness you have an amazing sense of humor and nothing seems to faze you. You always give me a laugh. Without trying 😂

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