Sloths + Miss Manners

Good morning lovely people, how are you on this glorious Tuesday morning? We seem to have skipped straight from Winter into Summer, it’s hot and sticky and we’re expecting our first storm of the season this afternoon. I hope it’s a good, heavy rain storm; the plants are thirsty and the grass is already crunchy under our feet.

The sloths are back on my sewing table. These guys have been problematic, the setting hasn’t been right, but I’m getting there. The un-picker has to come out today, the background blocks are too big, but otherwise I think, I hope, we’re finally on the right track. Stay tuned!

Okay, on to much less pleasant stuff. Manners. Good manners are free and they are a great way to start our working relationship. All rude, demanding, strangely entitled emails will be deleted (including those from magazines and stores). You are not entitled to custom work or templates; very few designers will do that and even less will do it for free.

With that unpleasantness over, it’s time to get back to work. I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe as this pandemic rolls over and around us. Much love, toni xx

8 thoughts on “Sloths + Miss Manners”

  • Don’t you just love self entilted people, I like you, just delete their requests. I’m happy to pay for what I want, they should be as well. They do no-one but thenselves favours, and think that that is okay. Keep up the great work and thank you for what you do. Must be time for more coffee.

  • So sorry people expect something for nothing – obviously they have never had a business.. Thanks for all your cheerful quilts and all your fun posts – always helpful but especially during these times. As you head into spring we are heading into fall – thankfully – it was a very hot summer and fall is my favorite time of year !! Love the crisp mornings and warm afternoons !! Appreciate all you do !!!! Debbi

  • Silvia Jansen Wheeler (from FB)

    Re sloths: Hang in there, I have every confidence I’ll be buying the pattern on Etsy in the future.
    Re rude, entitled humans (?): delete & ignore is the way to go, Hang in there, you have fans all around the world (!) who support you. How many people can say that about themselves?
    And I wonder if this could be another pattern idea? Manners with embroidered verbage? Maybe its the right time to bring these back? They are probably all on Google.
    Didn’t our mothers say “You get more with honey than vinegar” OK, probably just MY mother….
    Don’t give up, I admire/need your talent & ideas to inspire me. XOXOX Silvia

  • I wrote this whole looong support email and then realized I might be responding regarding the wrong quilt.  You were very discreet and did not say exactly what their requests have been.  Class shows!! PS I absolutely love the supplemental blocks you have done on Paper Dolls. 

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