Tutti Frutti Bear Hugs

Hi everyone, how are you all on this foggy Friday? I’ve uploaded two new patterns to the store this afternoon. Bear Hugs is an adorable little snuggle quilt that I made from scraps and orphan blocks in the first few weeks of lock-down. Tutti Frutti Pandas is a re-make of an older pattern that needed a bit of tweaking. Both patterns are 50% off in the Etsy store this weekend (PDF only).

I must apologise for the lack of photographs, most of you know about our continuing troubles with our neighbour. I’ll load up the car shortly and head off into the wilds to get some photos for you. In the meantime, I took some ‘in progress photos’ with my phone so you can see how they look.

I hope you’ve been staying safe and healthy. We’re plodding along, taking each day as it comes, doing the best we can to adjust to the new normal. I’m working through the 30 plus patterns on my to-do list. What will come next I don’t really know, I’m being kind to myself and simply going with the flow.

We found this little guy in the garden this week, he’s a dragonhead caterpillar. Two days after we took this photo he turned into a chrysalis. The butterflies are a delicate, lacy green and I can’t wait to see them flying about the garden.

Much love to everyone, please stay safe and healthy and happy, toni xx

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  • The quilts are so cute !!!! These are different times and like you I am adjusting to the new normal. Miss my quilt groups and activities but am getting a lot of quilting done and closets cleaned 😄 Take care and thanks for keeping us supplied with cheerful and fun quilts – it does help !!! Debbi

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