Hello sweet people, thank you for your very kind messages and comments about my previous post. I haven’t had a chance to catch up and reply just yet, life continues to be disrupted, hectic, and just a little crazy in these trying times. How are you all coping? Here in Australia we’re watching Victoria go into stage 4 lockdown and curfews, while in Queensland we are hoping we’re not heading in the same direction with the recent quarantine breaches and outbreak. Our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone.

I’ve taken a much needed mini-break from Red Boots this week and helped hubby take apart Dave-the-scrub-turkey’s nest. Remember Dave’s nest? In the end it measured about three metres square by one metre high. It took three days to dig it out and redistribute the dirt and debris. I feel so guilty, poor Dave, he’s angry with us. We’ve done our best to make him a nice spot further down the back hill, and I’m hoping we can entice him to stay there. Aussie scrub (or bush) turkeys are very, very destructive, nothing survives their scratching and nest building. Last year he went a little scrub turkey crazy and destroyed all of our gardens, a good amount of potted plants, plus most of the lawn. Our yard is a mini Alcatraz with wire fences and barriers everywhere.

Once we cleared the nest site we had to think of something to put there to try and discourage Dave coming back to that spot – they are very one track minded. We have a stunted lemon tree on nasty neighbour’s side of the house that we’ve never been able to look after (for obvious reasons). This is where it gets really silly, we had to wait for Mr. Nasty to go for his daily half hour walk, then we bolted out the front to (frantically) dig up this enormous tree. We had lookouts at the ready to shout when he came back LoL. I think we broke the world record for digging out a semi-mature tree; it took 10 minutes flat! Now we have to pray the poor thing survives the shock of being transplanted and Dave’s wrathful turkey anger. Fingers and toes are crossed.

So there we have it. When life gives you turkeys, plant lemons ;o) Well sweet things, I hope your coming week is a happy one with lots of sewing, coffee, and cookies to keep you busy and content. I’m back to work this week, wondering where to start with my many half-finished projects and patterns. Much love to all, stay safe, toni xx

6 thoughts on “Lemons.”

  • I am sure scrub turkey’s are like dogs and especially cats. They will darn well sleep/nest where they choose. Daughter paid $100 many years ago for a palatial wooden dog house that the dog refused to go near. It rotted in the back yard. I hope you have better luck with your turkey. I love lemons, job well done 😂

  • Hi, Your post made me laugh as we live on a farm in Queensland and also had a problem with a turkey. When my son was young, he wanted to have a go at vegetable gardening. He prepared the bed and put in his seedlings and when he came back the next day to water them, a turkey built a nest over his garden. He was very upset but decided to remove the nest and replant everything and he thought that that would be the end of it. He didn’t know how tenacious a turkey can be and you guessed it – the turkey rebuilt his nest. My son hasn’t took to gardening since and he is in his 40’s now. We often have a laugh about his turkey adventure.

  • We wait for our “nasty” neighbour to go out before trimming our hedge along boundary fence Take care & stay safe 😘

  • When we were at the lake, our “nasty” neighbors (2 women) built a pier down the middle of our beach! We sold out and left! Ha ha

  • It’s always good to take a break. Good for the creative soul. You are not a machine, Toni! I’m just jealous you get to grow lemons. LEMONS! Stay safe XO

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