Paper Doll Sew-Along #12.

Howdy folks, how are you all this week? It’s cold, damp, and very gloomy here in our little part of Australia. Despite the gloom it’s been a productive week overall and I’m finally starting to feel good about myself and what I do again. It was a huge blow to lose out on a big job which I was highly recommended for because I don’t make ‘real’ quilts only children’s quilts. It threw my confidence in the scrap bin along with the dozen or so projects I’ve started this year. Phooey!

My daughter gave me a big kick in the pants earlier this week and reminded me of the hundreds of children, grandchildren, sick children, sad children, and adults who have sent me letters and photos of (themselves with) their quilts and soft toys over the years. She also reminded me that the CEO of a corporation doesn’t speak for everyone. Smart cookie my daughter. She may have also told me to stop being stupid and to get on with it ha ha! What can I say? I’m a sensitive soul and these things hurt like crazy and send me spiraling into self-doubt.

So here I am, it’s Friday afternoon, and I’m drinking my 20th cup of coffee for the day. I promise it’s decaf LoL. The sloths have been dragged out of the bin, and believe it not, so have the Paper Dolls. I just didn’t have the heart to finish anything. I’ve unpicked the border on the Paper Dolls quilt (which I didn’t like) and now it’s ready to be finished and sent off to be quilted.

Over the next few weeks you will be given extra templates to add to the paper doll blocks. For eg. I’ve given a couple of the beach girls ice cream cones, and one little guy is holding a balloon etc. I haven’t put up any finished photos because of the high incidence of theft that is occurring at present. Please be patient xx.

Instalment #12 of our sew-along has been uploaded to the web-page here. You can also click on the drawn image below to download the file. As always the Paper Dolls Sew-along is sponsored by my lovely and wonderful friends at Thermoweb. Their HeatnBond fusible webbing is the best on the market in my opinion and I don’t use anything else. I prefer the HeatnBond Lite, but I know a lot of you love the HeatnBond Featherlite.

As mentioned the sloths are back on the sewing table. I’m a little lost with these guys, I can picture the quilt in my head, but I can’t quite get a layout right. I’m hoping to get them done asap though, I’m so behind. Curse the idiocy that is my crushed hurt feelings LoL.

Okay, that’s it from me today. Everyone is due home from work soon and I need to work out what to feed the hungry hordes. I hope you are all keeping safe and well and taking good care of yourselves. Everything is so scary and messed up right now isn’t it? Are you as done with politicians as I am? All of them! Much love and thanks always for your support, even when I’m being ridiculously silly, toni xx

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  • Don’t you EVER let anyone put you down Toni! EVER! You have more talent than that uppity person… dare she say you aren’t really a quiltmaker…you are THAT and so much more! I look forward to you posts..your patterns! I’m sure we would ALL be happy to put that very DUMB person in her place and tell her how unqualified she is for her job! The nerve! I have 3-4 designers that I love everything they create…you are my #1 place! I wish I were 20-30 years younger. Making baby quilts and hand applique were my most favorite thing to do. I’m old now with bad eyes and bad hands..working 40 hrs a week…with extended family here. My time to sew is limited. Thats the only reason I haven’t sewn most up…time. Oh how I plan…..see i’m mostly a quilter in my head….with lots of ufo’s….thinking someday I’d have time…nope still waiting. But I 100% LOVE your quilts. Most of all I love my first interaction with you…I found you on etsy…loved your pattern…I always hesitate to order from someone I don’t know….but I ordered. Immeditately heard back from you. Not onky that somehow I’d been charged twice..didnt even know it…tou took care of it right away…and even tho you were far away ( I live inUSA) I got the pattern very fast!!! Yep Toni I’m a huge fan!:)

    On Fri, Jul 24, 2020, 3:06 AM The Red Boot Quilt Co. wrote:

    > The Red Boot Quilt Co. posted: ” Howdy folks, how are you all this week? > It’s cold, damp, and very gloomy here in our little part of Australia. > Despite the gloom it’s been a productive week overall and I’m finally > starting to feel good about myself and what I do again. It was a huge” >

  • Silvia Jansen Wheeler

    I find its the sensitive souls to be the greatest artists (son is tattooer, so I know). Your daughter is right. You are an inspiration to me/many of us out here, looking for the non-conventional quilts. There is joy to them all. I wish there was a way your fans could tell this “business” how much joy & happiness making your patterns brings us ….. I may have only made a couple of yours (one hangs on our wall & the other has a place of honour), but there’s a certain comfort in knowing I can pull one of yours out at any time if I need to make something thats not boring XO I’m glad you & your mojo are back with us XO Who knew we could learn from our adult children? LOL You da best!!!!!

  • Love all your quilts Toni. It was an interesting comment by a CEO, very unprofessional and poor choice of words. It says a lot about the CEO and I don’t think I would like to be employed by someone like that. 🌺

  • Your artwork’s happy colors and designs elicit smiles, hopefulness, joy! I love opening your email to reveal the newest block. It’s always fun to create a quilt using your patterns. Thank you for sharing your imaginative designs with us! Be well, and keep on being wonderful, creative you.

  • I would sure like to know what a “real quilt” is by their definition. Most quilters I know make more table runners, wall hangings, baby sized to throw sized quilts than they do bed-sized ones. I love your designs, they are always so bright and cheery as well as whimsical. They lost out on a great opportunity by not hiring you. Keep in there, we all have to take one day and moment at a time during these uncertain days. And yes, I am sick and tired of all the political ads here in the U.S.A. as well.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and creations with us. You are admired and loved by people all over the world because of your generosity and joy in what you do. It is hard to disregard another person’s ignorant remarks but know that God has given you a wonderful gift to brighten the lives of people of all ages and abilities. I’m so happy that I found you on the internet less than a year ago. Stay safe and strong. God bless your daughter and family.

  • I am sorry you lost out on the opportunity but I sure admire your daughter’s advice. You obviously raised her well.
    Your quilts are fun and bright and whimsical and uplifting, exactly what we all need now, and always. It can’t get more real than that.
    Take care and know that we are all here for you. Kathleen

  • Kelly Middlebrooks

    You know you’re a true artist when you find yourself in the position that you were in and all the hurt feelings and self-doubt show up. I for one, don’t know what I would have done without your whimsical, happy quilt blocks to fill my days these past few months of uncertainty. Your daughter is right, the CEO of a corporation doesn’t speak for everyone and quite often those under them shake their heads knowing that person got it wrong. Keep doing what you love and the rest will follow. ❤️

  • Your designs are wonderful and I hope you listen to the masses and not that one nincompoop. While it is hard after a slap, dust yourself off and do what you love best!

  • Toni, a real quilt is something that is cherished and loved by anyone who receives them. Your paper dolls quilts have inspired me this year to just keep up this great craft ❤️ I love your work. Please don’t give up another opportunity is waiting for you I’m sure.

  • I’m sorry your hopes and dreams (and self-esteem) were dashed like that. What the world needs now more than ever, is to feel valued and supported and lifted up. That’s exactly what you do! That’s how I feel when I look at your quilts, and how I hope my niece fells when I finish my paper dolls quilt and give it to her. Thank you for what you do, Toni. It IS important work! Much appreciated!

  • You are not being silly – losing out on an opportunity is hard and hurtful !! Good for your daughter for reminding you of how much joy and comfort your quilts and other projects bring to so many people!!!! And yes I am very tired of the politicians who are using this current situation to make names for themselves instead of doing what is right !!! Take care and please know how much we all appreciate you and all that you do !!!!

  • I love your dolls and your sloths. How could anyone say that you don’t make ‘real’ quilts???!!! They don’t know what they are talking about!

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