Fabric Kits & Starter Packs

Hello everyone! I’ve had a lot of enquiries about fabric kits and starter packs for my patterns recently. I’m too small (a business) to offer kits at this time but the lovely people at The Patchwork Angel and Peppermint Stitches are happy to put together a fabric pack for you.

If you are interested please contact them directly, I’ve provided details below. Please keep in mind that they won’t be able to exactly match the fabrics I’ve used. All transactions are between you and the store concerned, I’m not involved beyond providing the pattern.

I’ll add these details to the “stockists” page so you can access the info at any time. If you know of a US store who is willing to provide kits please let me know. toni xx

The Patchwork Angel,
343 Mons Rd, Forest Glen, Q. 4556.

T: (07) 5477 0700

W: https://patchworkangel.com.au/https://patchworkangel.com.au/
E: info@patchworkangel.com.au

Peppermint Stitches,
133 Sylvan Rd, Toowong, Q. 4066.
T: (07) 3161 6606
W: http://www.peppermintstitches.com.au/ 
E: stacey@peppermintstitches.com.au