Paper Doll Sew-Along #11

Hi lovelies, how have you all been? I hope you are staying safe, healthy, and well. Our hearts go out to everyone being impacted by the C-19 virus around the world. Huge hugs and support to our fellow Aussies in Victoria who have gone back into lock-down with ever increasing cases.

I’ve uploaded the latest instalment of the Thermoweb Paper Dolls Sew-Along to the main page as well as below. Simply click on the images to download the files. You will see that I’ve also uploaded a bonus block – originally I was going to make a ‘these are the people in my neighbourhood’ quilt but I ran out of time. I’m seriously thinking of extending the sew-along into next year, adding more pick-and-mix blocks as I go. You will get a finished quilt this year as planned, but I will add bonus blocks etc. beyond that time.

Remember to download our other two bonus packs. You can click on the images below or use the main menu to go to the Paper Dolls Sew-Along page. You will find all of the instalments there. I will draw a stethoscope to add to the medical staff and upload it shortly. Remind me if I forget!

Oh, before I forget – I’m very forgetful at the moment ha ha! – I’ve included the flower template that is appliqued on the tree blocks in the latest instalment (#11). As you can see from the photo below, it is centred and fused on the left-hand side of the trees. That’s about it for me, everyone is wandering in from a day at work and there is coffee and gossip to partake in. Take care won’t you, much love, toni xx

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