Happy Sunday.

Good morning lovelies! How are things in your neck of the woods this not-so-sunny Sunday? My arm is finally healing from a surgical procedure; the bruising, which got much worse, has gone, and the strength is finally coming back.

I’ve nothing much to show you, only a week ago a coffee cup was too heavy to hold and I was still typing with one hand :o) I have about six quilts that are half made and many more on the drawing board, so I guess it’s time to get back in the saddle and get stitching!

Y’all take care of yourselves; be healthy and safe, be kind to your fellow humans. Much love, toni xx

6 thoughts on “Happy Sunday.”

  • Pauline Granstrom

    So sorry you had to go thru all that. I can empathize as I’ve had many surgeries on my hands and elbows. The important thing is to not get back into it with vigor. Take things slowly. You may have days that say “not today……we need to let it rest”. Do it! You won’t be sorry. In the meantime, stay well, stay safe and stay healthy. Happy Sunday!

  • Hi Toni, So happy your feeling better and can use your hand again. Loving your Paper Doll applique patterns. Applique is one of my favorites for quilting. I have made several Sunbonnet app. quilts for baby showers. You take care of your self, stay healthy and happy. Thank you for all you do. Carolyn Langham USA

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  • So glad to hear the news! I had my third back surgery in 5 years in May. My scar is getting very thick! lol I’m still hobbling around with a five pound weight limit on what I can lift. Luckily I have never had any trouble getting my coffee mug to my lips. Your submarine is adorable.

  • Glad you are feeling better – prayers for continued healing !!! All good here -sunny and hot -supposed to be 104 today 😅

  • Glad you are recovering. Don’t over due the lifting weight you were given. Keep up the PT so you can write us lots more cute patterns. 😊

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