Paper Dolls Bonus Blocks

Hellllloooo everyone! How has your week been? Are you still working or are you self-isolating? I’ve drawn up some bonus paper dolls blocks – a wedding group – bride, bridesmaid, and groom. I’ll upload the templates to the website later tomorrow. I’ll be adding more bonus blocks over the coming weeks including doctors, nurses, and their vehicles etc.

Message me with any requests (for paper dolls) you have and I’ll see what I can do – no promises, but I’ll try to draw them for you. All templates will fit the current sew-along. You can resize the templates by using the resize option on your printer (to add children to your quilt). Try resizing at 90% to 95% to begin – experiment with the sizes until you are happy with them.

Our Thermoweb giveaways will be postponed until the end of the sew-along because of CV-19. International parcel post has been suspended due to a lack of airline services. We’ll have one giant giveaway instead of six little ones. In the meantime I’m hoping I can rustle up some more prizes for you!

Take care everyone, toni xx

5 thoughts on “Paper Dolls Bonus Blocks”

  • Love, no LOVE your designs!!!Thank you for sharing with all of us. I would like to see pets ( I know you did a cat but, I’m thinking dog, bird, bunny, gerbil, horses, tc) what about professions, hobbies (painter, quilter, woodworker) activities (snowboarding, water skiing) sports (football, soccer, tennis) different countries in native clothing ( I’m thinking china/Japan in a kimono or Holland with wooden shoes, etc) hope some of these ideas help spark more if your creativity. Thank you again for sharing your talents

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