Here Comes the Bride

Hello everyone, how have you all been? I hope you’re all happy, safe, and healthy.

We’ve had a difficult week; our nasty neighbour’s behaviour has gotten worse and he’s started exposing himself (to us). It really got me down, being in lockdown means we can’t leave the house to escape him.

Are there any benevolent millionaires/billionaires out there who can help get us out of here? Message me… ROFLOL.

A little while ago I was asked to draw templates for bride and groom paper dolls. I’ve finally got the bride looking good. There will be a groom and a bridesmaid too. You’ll be able to reduce the size of the templates to add children to the mix. I’ll try and get them uploaded (free) this week.

Kate and I cheered each other up today by planting sweetpea seeds and sunflower seeds. The last time we planted sunflower seeds the cockatoos came from far and wide to eat them. Hopefully come Spring we’ll have a new crop for our feathered friends.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter break despite the current restrictions. I know it’s been very hard on so many of you. Take care won’t you. I’ll pop in again with those templates and hopefully some new sewing. Much love, toni xx

11 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride”

  • I am so sorry you are so stuck with your nasty awful neighbor. Daily stress. I wish you could train your jumping spider to land on his… exposed body parts. And hold on tight.

    You amaze me with your happy, joy seeking attitude while you face such trials. I pray your flowers grow big and strong and lift their beautiful sun seeking heads up to the sun!

    Big hug, Toni! Proper distance away, of course.

  • So sorry you are dealing with an ugly neighbour. We actually left our house, declared bankruptcy and moved states to get away from our neighbour situation. The woman’s family nearly gave me a nervous breakdown and I was so low I was working out how much better my family would be without me around. It was awful. I really understand how dreadful it must be for you with no escaping it either. On the upside, your Bride is gorgeous and your flowers are beautiful, a little ray of beauty in these difficult times. Hugs xx

  • I am so sorry you have to put up with that horrible neighbour, he must have serious problems, surely what he is doing is breaking the law? The flowers are beautiful nothing better than spending time in the garden. The bride is beautiful.

  • I cannot imagine the stress you must feel living next door to a lunatic. Even if you capture his antics on film he will probably end up with a slap on the wrist and sent home. It all sounds like a living nightmare that is still there when you wake up.

    Thank goodness for your lovely garden, love of craft and family, take care. 🌺

  • Happy Easter to you. I feel blessed to belong to your Red Boot group. Reading about your crazy neighbor makes our restrictions seem like nothing. Hope you can get photos of him exposing himself, and turn him in to the law. Surely, THAT is against the law!!!

  • Silvia Jansen Wheeler

    There is something not right with that neighbour! I suppose if you point & laugh at his privates, it would only serve to enrage him further. Maybe if you all (including husband) blow him kisses…???? Start putting up rainbow signs? I guess this beats setting fires. LOVE the bride though! <3 <3

  • Bummer about the neighbor! Sounds like he may be related to our neighbor. AKA: horrible. But it does seem your is outpacing ours by a couple of light years! Yuck.

    Beautiful sunflowers. Try to watch them over the neighbor. And document, document, document the horrible neighbor.

    Sending you love! K

  • Sounds as though your neighbor is one sick puppy. At some level, you’ve got to feel sorry for him. This little bride is absolutely adorable! Glad you’re getting out and digging in the dirt. It’s just as therapeutic as sewing! Stay safe!

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