Paper Dolls Sew-Along #4

Hello everyone! It’s time for the next instalment in our Paper Dolls Sew-Along. Click on either photo below to download the files. They have also been uploaded to the Sew-Along page here.

Congratulations to Vicky who is the winner of last week’s Therm O Web giveaway! Your prize is in the post Vicky! Thank you everyone who entered.

In further news, it’s looking increasingly likely that I’m going to have to close the business/shop because of the C-19 virus. Before you send me dozens of emails – the Paper Doll Sew-Along will continue regardless of what happens!

I’m hoping it will be a temporary thing and that by the end of the year we will be through the worst of this awful situation we find ourselves in. Regardless of whether I close the shop or not, I’ll still be here and on our Facebook pages. I’ve been sewing since the dawn of time and I won’t be giving up anytime soon. Take care lovely people, toni xx

4 thoughts on “Paper Dolls Sew-Along #4”

  • I am so very sorry if you feel you need to close your store. Is it able to order things online only? I mean I am in the USA and not sure if you had a regular open store or just online. Your posts and ideas with all the colors made my day. I had your posts show first so I get a get a dose of goodness first. I am so heartbroken for you. Please if at all possible try to hold off. So many others are with you all over the world and without jobs right now, many are just worried about food and staying healthy. I really do love your work and my grand daughter doe also. We have many of your patterns. If I had more money I would buy one of everything. Maybe 2. Lol I often refer friends to you also. I really will miss you, but I really just wish the best for you. Whatever you need to do, we all understand. But I will shed many tears with you. I feel for you. May you find love and happiness in all you do. Thank you for brightening my day every day!!!! You are the best!

  • Toni, having to close your shop, even for just a small amount of time is hard. I love seeing your designs as they are always so bright and cheerful.

  • Toni ,I am so sorry about your business situation but certainly understand and hope that when this all calms down that you can reopen !!!! I am glad you will continue to post on this page!! I first found your page maybe 10 years ago when I was scrolling around as I sat in the hospital with my mom -your cheerful pictures,beautiful quilts and fun posts were a wonderful distraction at the time !! I have enjoyed your wonderful patterns and stories since!!! Hang in there and God bless !!! Debbi

  • I would be so sorry to see you have to close up your shop because of this virus!! How awful!! I’m sure there are many other businesses in the same boat, but it’s still difficult to see something like this happen. Whatever the outcome, please know that I’ve enjoyed your freebie BOM’s through the years as well as the patterns I’ve purchased. Blessings to you and yours, however this all works out.

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