Laugh of the Day!

This is your belly laugh of the day… see this spider. Gruesome isn’t it. What if I told you it is bigger than my hand. Now what if I told you they jump… like a premier league NBA player!?

This is me. Sans jeans. Screaming like a girl.

Said NBA playing spider jumped, landed on the cuff of my jeans, and promptly ran up the inside of my jeans leg. Up my leg. On the inside of my jeans. I couldn’t get those pants off fast enough. I didn’t care who saw my white wobbly butt, as long as the spider and I were separated!

Hubby-of-mine gleefully took a photo of me cowering and sent it to everyone! Revenge will be mine LoL. Except he isn’t afraid of spiders.

Hope I gave you a good laugh today, toni xx

Ps. those jeans are in spider quarantine. We couldn’t find what happened to Aragog but it’s going to be a while before they grace this chickadee’s body again!

9 thoughts on “Laugh of the Day!”

  • Laugh, naw..
    Heart palpitations, sweat running between my breast, shivers…
    My nightmares… I’ve left a dent in the wall in an attempt to flee a spider.. my ex thought it was funny, laughed at my fear… And as yours (taking pictures of you hiding)… Well, I guess I won’t say anymore…..

  • No that did NOT make me laugh. It totally creeped me out. We have smallish/medium jumping black spiders that make me leap. I would freak out if one ran up my jean leg!!
    xx, Carol

  • There are very few things in this life that terrify me. Zombies? Ehh. Snakes? Yawn. Brakes cutting out while driving down a mountain side? Hey, life is full of challenges.
    Spiders scare the crap out of me. They are sneaky and can’t be trusted. But a spider that looks that evil as big as my hand and jumps???? Trauma. I can’t even imagine. I’m laughing at your story but that is just plain scarey.

    Please, please promise me you won’t make a quilt with said spider at the center?!!

  • OH Crap!!! That exceeds my spider hunting abilities!!!! And your husband needs to watch his back, he won’t know where or when, but Karma will open the door for you!!!

  • The only spiders I’m afraid of are jumping spiders. Around here, they are small. Bless your heart! Thanks for sharing your funny story. I’ll just bet you’ll be watching out for spiders, now, with every step you take!

  • Toni, thank you for the laugh, I needed it. The whole world needs a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.

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