Hello, Hello, Hello!

Well hello lovely quilters, how are you all this week? We’re living in uncertain and scary times aren’t we.

We’ve been juggling work commitments and self-isolation. Hubby’s work is considered an essential service and he’s been informed that even in a strict shut down they will be required by the Government to keep operating. Great news from a financial point of view but worrying on the health front.

My eldest has been stood down from her job of seven years and my youngest is facing daily abuse (at work) from frenzied and angry hoarders. They are hiring a security guard to keep the staff safe – normal, everyday people are becoming abusive and violent over laundry products for goodness sake.

I’ve been experimenting with some new designs. One of the most requested themes has been sloths, so I’ve been working on a sloth template. Now to decide on fabric and layout.

I’ve unpicked this quilt and am re-purposing the blocks. I don’t know what I was doing with this one LoL. Sometimes you’ve just got to bin it and start again! I actually enjoy unpicking things (yeah I know I’m weird, no need to tell me).

I had originally thought on expanding the Canine Capers quilt but it didn’t come together. If you like the dog templates and layout, they are the same as the Canine Capers templates. The only thing missing from the pattern is the star block.

That’s it from me today. Take care of yourselves okay, listen to the experts, wash your hands, be safe. Much love, toni xx

5 thoughts on “Hello, Hello, Hello!”

  • Looking forward to the sloths – I have a friend who has a “thing” for them – personally I go for buildings and houses. . .
    All the best to your family – being out of work is a tough challenge…and being in front of rude angry people is no joy either. I haven’t seen that myself but I know its happening.

  • The sloth is great! Thank you for writing and sharing, it’s pretty isolating up here in the cold north as well…people are crazy, there is an inexcusable lack of human decency lately, sick from COVID is one thing, sick psychologically is another. My sister works in a medical supply store, you wouldn’t believe what they do. Kudos to anyone dealing with public at this time! Thank you for YOUR servicing the hoards to your youngest!

  • Hi Toni !!! Thanks for your posts. With our social isolation at the moment it is nice to hear from others what is going on in their lives and what projects people are working on. I am currently working on some masks for our hospitals and then finishing a BOM from last year. My husband sold his business six months ago and retired -now with the golf courses closed we are really getting a glimpse of life together with us both retired 😁😁😁Take care of you and yours !! Debbi

  • Way too cute, Toni! I don’t mind picking out stitches, either. My friend rolls her eyes at me when I repeat, “Enjoy the process.” During my week long visit at her house, it became my mantra as I attempted to model slow and patient. By the way, your designs are delightful! Like a breath of fresh air.

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