Saturday Check-In.

Hello lovely people, I wanted to check in and see how you were all coping with the news today. Are you okay? Please reach out and let’s talk to each other and get through this.

I’m struggling a little with my anxiety, which is in hyperdrive right now. In between panic attacks I’m dumpster diving into my scrap bins. The plan is to hunker down as best I can and sew myself through this thing. Take care okay, we’ve got this. Much love, toni xx

6 thoughts on “Saturday Check-In.”

  • Keep diving in your scraps and less catching up on whats going on. By the end you should have no scraps left. My quilting group has just been cancelled until August so I really have no excuse for not clearing out my scraps too. I gave up years ago watching the news when I realised how anxious it made my mother, dont miss it and my friends fill me in on what I need to know

  • Hi Toni, hang in there, just put your trust in God and use good common sense and we will make it. I have really enjoyed catching up on my quilting. I did make a few face mask for myself, family and friends. We have been blessed here in North West Florida, USA, so far there is only one with the virus in our county. Hopefully there want be more. Take care and step on those machine paddles.

  • All good here, taking things a day at a time, doing a little stitching, looking out at the birds in the trees, having a wander around the garden, I do miss the sewing and quilting groups, but we keep in touch other ways. Life is slower and different but we will all be fine. I love your bears, they made me smile.

  • We are doing well !! Many things where people gather have shut down , restaurants are doing curb side or drive thru only, grocery stores have made special times for seniors to shop to help them feel more comfortable, everyone seems to be trying to help others . So as scary and unnerving as this is there are some good things happening. I miss my quilt groups but everyone checking on each other via text,email or phone. On a lighter note maybe this is the year I will get some of those unfinished projects done😂😂 Take care, God bless and be kind to others and yourself !!!

  • I’m doing my best to keep my family safe and healthy. With all the time we have on our hands now, I wish now was not the time my sewing mojo went missing. LOL

  • Keep Smiling Toni and know that you beautiful,happy designs are getting many of us through this crisis. I have the Aussie animals on the go for hand sewing and am doing the paper dolls. Both are for gift quilts to share the happiness when finished
    Just daydream us up some more😍😍

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