Contacting Us.

Hey lovelies, if you’ve contacted us and haven’t heard back please check your spam/junk folders for the missing replies.

Please also check that your mail settings aren’t blocking our emails. If you’ve set your internet security to the highest setting, the chances are we’re being blocked or put in your junk folder.

There is very little we can do to help you if your mail server is blocking us or sending our emails to spam. Actually there’s nothing we can do except fly to your house and knock on the door – which I’m sure would be lovely if a little impractical ha ha.

If you’ve emailed us but haven’t heard back, please direct message us (don’t leave a comment) via our official Facebook page. Facebook ‘hides’ comments all the time but direct messages (private messages) do get through.

Thanks everyone, toni xx

3 thoughts on “Contacting Us.”

  • It sounds like your day is running about like mine!  I certainly hope tomorrow goes better for both of us. 

    FYI I have not had a problem reaching you so no worries that you need to contact me. Now the lady showing how to sew scallops on a skirt today on a  TV sewing show teaching how to sew a “petal skirt”—- she said to set your stitch length at 2 cm.  I think you might be very upset with your scalloped edge if you use a 2 cm stitch, don’t you?   I do believe she meant 2mm but I can chuckle that somebody else is having a “just peachy” day -and hers is on television for repeated showings and reminders.  It kind of makes my day look better!! 

  • I sent a message sometime back bout the summer Santa. I’m not able to find him. Where could I find him, please? Thank you

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