A Happy Dance for Happy Quilts

We’ve done it, we’ve updated all of the patterns and they’re just waiting to be print checked. It was a marathon effort, one we don’t want to repeat anytime soon! Thank you to Terri and everyone who has been helping me out, I appreciate it so much. I can now get back to the job of making happy quilts!

This is Jill’s Gnome Sweet Gnome quilt, isn’t it gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Jill.

You can find loads of our ‘seconds’ (printed) patterns in the Esty store. Most of them are $7.50 including postage. The seconds patterns are simply misprints. They look the same as normal printed patterns – the only difference is they may have typos or misprints in them. A spelling mistake, an extra space, or a format error. Most, almost all, errors you won’t even notice.

2 thoughts on “A Happy Dance for Happy Quilts”

  • Well done, you and your helpers! Great way to finish the year with all those updates behind you. Enjoy Christmas and New Years, sounds like you can look forward to a fun new year. Great Gnome quilt, bright and happy! Well done too.

  • Please tell Jill her Home Sweet Gnome quilt is GREAT.  I have been tracing fusible this past week and haven’t even started picking out fabrics.  I found some perfect backing fabrics for Space Quest and Little Robots which has brought them back to the center of attention – and left the half-done project sitting on my sewing machine still sitting!  Along with a bunch of other projects started or partially completed.that I totally love too.  Anyway, Jill did a great job!  And that goes for the designer too!!

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