Misprinted patterns.

Hey lovelies, as you know I’m working through 90 or so patterns trying to solve the black background printing problem. I’m pretty sure I’ve found the issue and it should be resolved for 95% of apps and devices. My lovely, generous test printers have confirmed that we’re on the right track.

An unfortunate side of this is that I have to change the pattern covers, logos and diagrams. I’m printing thousands of pages to proof-read and it seems such a waste to throw it all in the bin when there are minor print errors that don’t affect the patterns. It’s such a waste of resources and I hate to send them to landfill.

I’ve thought about it a lot and have decided to add the misprinted patterns to my Etsy store. They will be listed over the coming weeks for $7.50 each which includes postage. This price covers transaction fees, postage, and printing costs. All of the templates are fine and the printing errors are minor. The first lot will go up tomorrow.

toni xx