Another trip around the sun…

Hey y’all, how was your weekend? I’m still on weekend time as it’s a public holiday here in Queensland – the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (even though it’s not her actual birthday).

It was my birthday on Saturday, my real one LoL. It was nice to celebrate another successful trip around the sun. As is tradition (with us) we’ve spent the weekend watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy whilst eating cake.

I will be having a celebratory sale and a few giveaways this week, so please check in mid-week for details. You’ll find more details on our Facebook page.

I’ve been working on the gnome quilt in between sorting out this black printing issue which has become No. 1 priority. There are well over 1000 images to look at but I’m determined to get it fixed before the start of the New Year so I can start afresh (without this hanging over my head).

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, take care and be kind to each other, toni xx

Ps. If you’ve been linked to our website via the lovelies at Thermoweb, please message me about the quilt pattern you are looking for. We’re having download issues, so I’ll respond via email. Thanks, toni xx


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