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Good morning lovelies, I’m just checking in to let you know that I’ve removed all listings from the Facebook Shop app. Some links (on previous posts) may no longer work.

Facebook keeps banning my quilt patterns/photos as ‘inappropriate content’ and this morning I found out that if they ban another item my business page could be disabled.

I’m not entirely sure how a quilt pattern or photo is inappropriate, offensive, or X-rated but who am I to argue with an algorithm. This is the same algorithm that allows real life neo-Nazis, pornography, hate speech, racism, misogyny etc. etc. to flourish. I’d laugh at the absurdity but my livelihood depends on word of mouth and social media.

I’ll leave you with an inappropriate image. Adults only. When snowmen go bad. xx


  1. Pinterest must use a similar algorithm…I had a picture of a huge pine tree removed because it was “inappropriate!”

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