Do the Monster Mash

Hey lovelies, how was your weekend? I hope you are safe from hurricanes and bush fires. We’ve had high winds and dust storms all weekend and we’ve lost power a couple of times. If tonight’s gale is anything to go by, it won’t be the last time we do. Unfortunately I put the candles away ‘for safe keeping’ last time I did a big clean up and I can’t find them anywhere LoL.

The next Piggy block is due this Friday. Have you caught up yet? Remember to enter the Thermoweb (Heat-n-Bond) giveaway by commenting and telling us the name of your fave Red Boots pattern.

The new quilt (pattern) in the Wild Things series will be available this week. If you own the Happy Quilts book you will be able to make a similar quilt using the pattern in the book. Monster Mash measures 56 1/2in x 56 1/2in and is easily adapted to fit a single bed.

Wow, that gust of wind shook the house! I’m going to hit publish on this post before the power goes out again. Take care of yourselves wherever you may live, stay safe, and be kind to each other. toni xx

2 thoughts on “Do the Monster Mash”

  • Wow…There are MANY different favorites to choose…the Monsters, of course, I also have the scrap-bin sheep on my radar, and Mr. Fox, and Here Fishy Fishy, and so many more from the Happy Quilt book! <3!!

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