Fairies in my Garden.

Hi lovely people, there are fairy princesses on my worktable tonight.

I’ve been talked into making a new quilt, based on the original Flower Fairies pattern.

The new one will be easier to fuse, as there won’t be so many overlapping pieces. I’ve doubled up the face fabric so the wings and hair don’t show through when it’s fused – when using this method always use featherlite or lite fusible webbing otherwise you’ll end up with a stiff applique shape.

Retired Flower Fairies Quilt

Okay, back to work. I’ve got five quilts on the go and I need to finished them! I hope you had a great weekend, toni xx

3 thoughts on “Fairies in my Garden.”

  • Hi Toni,
    Is it possible to still purchase the Flower Fairies pattern? If not will you be selling the pattern you are currently working on? Love your designs

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