Friday Faves…

Hey lovely quilters, can you believe it’s Friday already!? The weeks are disappearing at such a fast rate!

Today I finished the last favour on a long list of quilty favours. I say yes to too many (lovely) people and it’s taken me months to finish all the little projects I promised to help with. I’m definitely breathing a big sigh of relief that I’m done!

I wrote earlier in the year that the publisher of my book had filed for Chapter 11 (a form of US pre-bankruptcy). We had some good news this month, I’m now a Penguin-Random House author! I have no idea what this means for the future of Happy Quilts and for me as an author but at least we’re back on track. I’ve been writing a proposal for a second book – if I’m ever asked to do another one LoL.

My little Spud has been sick all week and we’ve been back and forwards to the vet. He’s on the mend, but is still sulking about the whole experience – actually so I am, you should see the vet’s bill!

This week’s Friday Faves are the Scrappy Snowmen, Scrap Bin Sheep, Mr Fox’s Garden, and Catnip patterns – both PDF and printed versions.

The PDF version of The Wild West pattern is also on special. I can’t discount the printed pattern due to high postage costs.

Remember to (please) send me any photos you have of your finished projects. As well as putting them on the website here, with your permission I’d love to be able to share them elsewhere too.

Have you caught up with the Little Piggy blocks yet? I think this month’s instalment may include a horse and a duck. Enter this month’s Thermoweb giveaway by commenting and telling me the name of your favourite song.

Have a delightful weekend everyone. I hope the weather is fair, your coffee cup is full, and there are bountiful cookies! toni xx

2 thoughts on “Friday Faves…”

  • Oh I do hope you kitty is better soon. It is no fun having a kitty that is under the weather.
    Right now I think my favorite songs are: Holy Roar and Resurrection Power by Chris Tomlin DVD Holy Roar
    I am so loving these piggies. Bring back fond memories of when I lived on the farm.

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