Oops! It’s Friday.

Hi lovelies, oops it’s Friday!

Hubby suggested we go see and movie and who was I to argue. I’ll be back later in the weekend with this week’s specials and sewing news.

David the Scrub Turkey (he is in trouble so I’m calling him by his full name) has spent the week completely destroying my garden.

We have bucket loads of lillies, orchids, agapanthus, and hippeastrums to replant this weekend before the roots get sunburned. There’s no point replanting them in the garden, so we’ll pot them up in nursery bags until Dave’s hormones settle down.

Dave’s David’s (he’s in deep trouble) nest has now reached epic proportions and measures at least three metres across and about one and a half metres high (9 ft x 5 ft).

The banks of seaside daisies have been completely destroyed and this poor little portulaca is all that’s left of a full garden. We won’t be able to mulch again until the babies are hatched. On the bright side it will give us a chance to dig some manure and compost into the old gardens beds and start again. He’s very lucky we love him.

I’m going to have a nice pre-bed cuppa, get some sleep, and tackle everything I was supposed to do tonight tomorrow. Have fun everyone, toni xx

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  • Yes David is lucky you love him… hope all your plants survive till you can replant them…
    Love the fabrics Terri used for her Foxes…

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