Friday Faves on the Farm

Happy Friday lovelies and Happy (belated) Fourth of July to our lovely friends in the US.

A quick question – do your children or grandchildren watch Bluey? I’ve been thinking…

This week’s Friday Faves are the Windy Hill Farm quilt, the Little Bears quilt, the Snuggle Bears soft toys, the Jingle Bells Snack Mats, and the Merry Christmas Snack mats.

Please don’t purchase the Windy Hill Farm pattern if you own the Happy Quilts book. A similar pattern is available in the book.

All patterns have a printed version and they are on special this week too – except the Windy Hill Farm pattern. The printed pattern is $16.50. This is a huge pattern and I need to increase the price to make even a small profit. There may be some further price increases on a small amount of patterns over the next few weeks. Sorry guys. xx

Little Bears Quilt

The Winner of our Thermoweb June giveaway – for sharing your project photos with me – is Gay T. I’ll be in contact shortly Gay. Congratulations!

Terri and I have been updating the ‘mug rug’ patterns. The internet has decided that ‘mug rug’ is a granny term and has updated it to ‘snack mat’. Therefore… these are our Christmas snack mats LoL. They are now available in printed format.

The Snuggle Bears pattern includes the Grumpy Grizzly templates. If you already own the Happy Quilts book or the Grumpy Grizzly pattern you don’t need to purchase this pattern.

Please message me if you are unsure whether you already have these patterns. Occasionally I will change the name of a pattern to try and rank better in the search algorithms. Gone are the days when you purchased most patterns through your local quilt store, now we’re competing with a billion other entries on Google and have to stay as relevant as possible.

Terri has been helping me pull everything together and we’re hoping to be done updating everything by the end of this year – sooner I hope! Once done, the patterns will remain as they are and won’t be changed in the future.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, take care, toni xx

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