This Little Piggy…

went to market and made some new friends. Block #4 of the This Little Piggy BOM will be ready for download this coming Friday.

A big, heartfelt thank you to the lovelies at Thermoweb (the makers of my favourite fusible webbing HeatnBond Lite) for supporting our Piggy Block of the Month. We will be having a new giveaway for Month 4. Stay tuned!

This little black kitty is back on my sewing table. I can’t wait to see where he leads me. Have a lovely week everyone, toni xx


  1. Can’t wait for the newest block! I love that your patterns are so “happy” and so much fun to work on.

  2. So super cute. I have all the pieces cut out for the other blocks, just need to stitch, I have decided to make the blocks into individual placemats. X

  3. This little piggy blocks just get cuter, thanks so much for sharing. Loving the cheeky black cat too, you are so clever!

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