Hello dear people, did you have a lovely Easter break? We used our time off to get a lot of small jobs done around the house.

After 20 years we finally have a fly screen on our laundry window – not to keep the flies out but to keep the snakes out!

We took some time off work and ate fish and chips at the beach and at the dam. I swear Australian seagulls can smell cholesterol from miles around. It was like a scene from ‘The Birds’… they were on the roof of the car and trying to get in the windows.

I had a play with a bunch of Therm-O-Web’s Deco Foil. I’m seriously impressed with this product. All it took was a $20 laminator to get started.

My fabric arrived for my Amish half-square triangle quilt and my 100 blocks quilt.

Our Therm-O-Web goodies arrived for our Little Piggy BOM giveaways. There are some seriously amazing products in this not-so-little bundle of goodness. Remember to enter our giveaway this month to partake in Therm-O-Web’s generosity!

Kate made some socks (not yet blocked) and I tried to remember how to do macrame.

It rained a lot and our succulents are finally starting to look healthy again (after struggling through a particularly dry but humid Summer).

I even managed to sneak in a nap or two.

I’ve uploaded the Harry & Miss Kitty soft toy pattern, the Harry and the Hound Dogs quilt pattern, and the My Family pattern to the website and Etsy. If you own the Happy Quilts book you won’t need the (2) Hound Dogs patterns.

Oh and guess what!? After 10 years of sewing at the dining room table I’m getting my own little sewing nook. No more sewing around people, their homework, food, coffee, cake, cats, and newspapers. Yippee!!!

Four Dollar Friday will be back next week as will I. Take care lovelies, toni xx


  1. Loved your whole post. Sounded like you had some rest and relaxation. Looking forward to seeing more fun patterns and projects. 😉

  2. 😃😃😃 YOU MAKE MY DAY TONI!!!!!  Glad the snakes are there and not in Canada! Have a GOOD ONE!!!

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