F+W Media (my Publisher) Bankruptcy

Well, here’s a to do. F+W Publishing, the publisher of Happy Quilts, has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. I received a creditor’s letter this morning.

What does it mean? It won’t affect you guys, the book is still available for purchase from all good book stores. For me it means a loss of income and a waste (from an income point of view) of several years solid hard work. In the best case scenario, F+W will sell the book rights to another publisher and royalties will resume.

Everything is good. Red Boots is fine and so am I. 

10 thoughts on “F+W Media (my Publisher) Bankruptcy”

  • So sorry to hear of your problems. I just “found” you about a month ago and really look forward to your posts and piggie patterns. I hope resolution is accomplished quickly so you aren’t left empty-handed. I would certainly support you if there would be a way to pay for patterns. In the mean time, I’ll be praying for a solution to come fast.

  • praying that it all gets settled in your favor and that you get a deal better that before. Hang in there.

  • I am sorry to hear. I know it seemed like you were being kicked while down. I will pray that it all works out, and I have continued to pray about your neighbor situation.

  • Oh Toni, when does this merry-go-round stop and let you off. I’m so sorry your going through all this bulls—t. Girl——I hope you are able to hang in their. You are loved, your patterns are loved, we are all with you, if we can support you more in any way, please don’t be frightened to ask. It can only get better and I’m sure better things are in store for you. With lots of love.

  • So sorry for your all the trouble you are going through. Hope things turn around soon.
    Sheila Gammon

  • Far out Toni the universe is sorely testing you for sure. I understand fully as my husband and I are fed up with Government departments that have had us almost going crazy. Wishing us and you luck. Hope you soon have problems sorted. After 2 years surely we will get our s sorted soon as well. Or we and you win Lotto. Whichever comes first. 😂

  • Jeepers, you definitely are having a rough spin! Hope something gets sorted soon for you. I have your book Happy Quilts, and it’s a lovely book! Lots of colourful pages and lots of quilts on my ‘to do list’! Hang in there, hugs!

  • Sorry to hear of your awful problems. Sincerely hope everything can be ironed out satisfactorily for you!
    Very stressful for you when you’ve already been stressed.

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