Piggy Update

Hey lovelies, I’ve had a few emails this weekend asking about the next instalment of the piggy BOM.

Edit: I don’t have any problems whatsoever with any of you contacting me, this is my fault, I totally misjudged the fall of Fridays in March LOL. xx

I originally said that it would be released on the second Friday of each month. However, March caught me by surprise with the second Friday technically being earlier than normal. I thought I had an extra week.

I was going to rush everything and try and get it uploaded tonight but I can’t get my ahead around the math (I always do a last minute proof read and math check).

Therefore the March instalment and all future instalments will be released on a Friday, mid-month. That means next Friday, 16th March for the next instalment and prize draw.

I’ll work out a schedule of release dates for you and upload it to the ‘This Little Piggy’ website page to clarify everything. Thank you for understanding.

Have a marvellous weekend everyone, toni xx

One comment

  1. This is no rush Toni, I’m sure everyone understands that you have other things in your life besides quilting. Look after yourself and your family, that is far more important.

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