Let’s talk quilts.

Hey lovelies, how are you this sunny and somewhat hot Wednesday afternoon? Let’s talk quilts, specifically Red Boot Quilts.

clotheslineI’ve been feeling completely miserable when it comes to Red Boots recently. It’s been very much touch and go whether to keep trading or not. There are a number of reasons but it’s mostly behind the scenes industry pressures.clothesline-4This morning I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this on one of my favourite artist’s accounts and it really resonated with me.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 3.26.27 pm
Art by Lisa Congdon on Instagram – @lisacongdon 


This. This is going to be my 2019. Permission to be me and not conform to other’s expectations and demands. Most importantly this simple sentiment has given me the urge to get designing and sewing again – something that I didn’t think would happen anytime soon.clothesline-2Today has been the first day since before Christmas that I’ve sat down and enjoyed, and felt joy, with what I was doing.

Moving forward into 2019 some things will be a little different with Red Boots. I’m considering not supplying patterns wholesale anymore. I won’t make a final decision until the end of the Australian financial year which is 30 June. The wholesale side of the business has been declining due to high postage and printing costs in Australia, and I haven’t been able to secure a US distributor at this point.

I’m also setting up a new pricing structure. It’s slowly being rolled out in the Etsy store, the website will follow shortly. PDF patterns are being sorted into $2, $4, and $7.50 categories. Printed patterns will remain at $14.50 with free postage.clothesline-6I’ve decided to put most of the free patterns into the $2 category. With the changes to social media and Craftsy I no longer have a platform where I can offer the patterns for free, reach a large audience, and not have to pay site fees or advertising.

Pricing the patterns at $2 each will help pay the website, processing, and advertising fees required to keep the business running. The patterns will all be updated with better instructions, coloured diagrams, and coloured templates to compensate. They will also be available as printed patterns for those of you who prefer to buy their patterns that way.clothesline-1

Oh, one more thing. I am a terrible photographer. Cameras defeat me. Completely and utterly. Whilst I will continue to make the quilts, I may use a professionally drawn image for the pattern cover instead of a photograph. This won’t affect the patterns but it will take an enormous amount of stress off my shoulders with the added bonus that I very much enjoy the process of drawing the quilts. A lot of other designers use this method too so I’m not the first LOL.

Anyway, happy Wednesday to you all and thank you. Happy quilting too. toni xx


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  • Toni- so pleased to hear your motto- BE YOU! You are an amazing designer & dare I say I enjoy your photography and quiriness! I will continue to purchase your paper patterns, books & merchanise that you share with the crafty world. Be You-go foward-be brave.

  • Toni you and your special creativity are what makes your patterns unique and amazing. By all means your fans don’t expect you to not make a decent living.

    • Debra - outback crafter

      Oh dear those typos are bad. My screen is playing up. I mean your post sounds happy. Please keep being you. We like you.

  • Virtual hugs Toni. Love your patterns as does everyone else. Sadly you don’t see the joy when someone receives a gift with one of your gorgeous designs on it. I have just started a cot quilt for my baby grandson with the Fox motifs. It’s adorable and I know that everyone that sees it will love it. I’m often told how clever I am and I say NO it’s not me it’s the clever designer.

    When my hubbie and I lived on our large property we worked 7 days a week and very long hours. It’s not healthy for body and soul including relationships. I know this may not be easy give yourself permission to take some time off, enjoy the sunshine – life is far too short to be bogged down.


  • missauntreggie@att.net

    Do you sell the monster quilt pattern anymore? I am glad you’re not leaving I love your work and thank you for the piggy bom, I am working on my first block, I usually use wonder under but thought I would use heat and bond, I could not get a sewing needle through it, so I going to do the block over again for I do the blanket stitch by hand. I love applique and I love your patterns Regina

  • I fully support you. I would much prefer to purchase a pattern thru you directly and avoid the middle man anyway.
    Your prices are already a bargain, so do what you have to do, and we will be there for you. 🙂

  • You really are way too generous (with the pricing of your patterns.) Yes, you did scare us there – thinking that you were going away for good. Just be the you that you want to be and create what YOU want. We love your patterns and will continue to support you. Thank you for what you do and who you are.

  • So glad you have decided to keep making your fun quilts. We would miss all the fun and quirky designs thatn you come up with each time. Enjoy your comments, too. Good luck from someone buried in snow!!!

  • Hi Are you still going to do the block of the month of the little pigs.

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    • Hi Yvonne, oh absolutely it will continue. I would NEVER leave you all in the lurch like that. I’ve been working 60 hour weeks for months and I’m just tired and a little fed up with the industry that’s all. toni xx

  • OMG thank gawd for that… I was starting to think you were going to runaway and hide from us. You my lovely do what is BEST for YOU. I will always buy your patterns regardless if there are no freebies… LOVE LOVE LOVE your talent xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey Tarnyia, thanks hon. There will still be freebies but they will be for a limited time, then they’ll go in the $2 bin. So much has changed with social media and selling sites within the past year. It’s been hard to scrape enough to buy materials much less make a casual wage. I realise that I’ve been very depressive mood-wise lately but it’s just me being tired and a little fed up. I’m hoping that by restructuring the business and changing the way I do things I’ll start feeling a lot better about it. I have a never ending ideas list but not the time to tackle it. About 70% of my time is spent just trying to promote myself which doesn’t leave much time for actual sewing. It gets very old very quickly. xx

  • Hey girl….love your whimsical patterns…..you do what you have to do to make yourself happy! You have such talent and a wonderful personality…will anxiously await for your future endeavors…..good luck!

    • Thanks so much Mary. I love what I do but I’m just a little overtired at the moment and it’s been six years since I had a holiday! I also want to be honest with everyone and not pretend that this business is an easy one to be part of. xx

  • Yay! For not leaving us quilters! We would definitely be loss without your colorful,fun loving quilts! Your price structure is generous..thank you! Hang in there…we love ya!

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