Hey guys, I’ve been a little absent on social media (and here) lately. 2018 was a hectic year and I needed an extended break. I’m finally starting to feel myself again and it’s time to get back to work.

Our piggy BOM will be starting soon. Details to come.

My poor sewing machine needs a service, the stitches are starting to get a little ratty. Can anyone recommend a service centre on the northside of Brisbane? I was using the guys at Everton Park but last time I was there they asked me did I have my husband’s permission to buy a new machine and I swore I wouldn’t go back.

piggiesI’ll get the pattern done for the dog quilt this week too. I need to take a photo and you know how much I hate that part of the process LOL.

dog quilt 1Have a fab week lovelies, toni xx

Ps. Happy Quilts is still available in some book stores. Grab a copy before they are gone :o)

5 thoughts on “Piggies!”

  • Thats a pretty mean comment to make to you. I was lucky my husband came home from work one morning and said i was getting a new machine without me asking.

  • Cute piggies! WOW! You should have asked if they needed a permission note signed and dated from him. LOL
    I wouldn’t go back either. In fact, if they didn’t have my machine for any reason, I would have said so and turned and left right then and there. That’s horrible.

  • I also cannot believe that comment about buying a new sewingmachine.You live in Australia en not in

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