2019 Updates

Hi there lovelies, I thought I’d better pop in and let you know what’s happening in 2019. At the moment I working with Terri, who is an editor, to bring all of our patterns up to date (including the free projects). This is an epic, time consuming exercise and to be frank it’s driving me to distraction. A lot of the older patterns didn’t have coloured templates or diagrams and were published when PDF’s were new and scanners weren’t as good as they are now.IMG_1082I’m tired and cranky with it all, but Terri is cracking the whip and I’m working my way through everything LOL. She’s mean! img_1076The piggy BOM will start sometime mid-February. We’re getting everything ready to go and I’ll let you know when Block 1 is ready for release.chook

Once all of that is done I can get back into the swing of things and catch up on all those quilts I didn’t get finished last year – not to mention all the new ones I have up my sleeve for this year. Oh dear I need a sewing fairy or three LOL.

Love to all, toni xx

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  • Love the chicken! I have to make that! Take care of yourself, and slow down if you need to. I know that is hard to do when you feel like you have so much you want to do (or really need to do) RELAX, and have a cup of tea on me. (If I can figure how to do that, I have smart devices, but I am a dumb operator,

  • Just think; with Terri cracking the whip you will be done so much faster and can breathe again. 🙂 Good luck. Looking forward to the BOM.

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