The Post.

Hey guys, a quick word about postal times.

They suck.

But it’s not my personal fault. I can’t magically make the US Postal Service, Canada Post, Australia Post, UK Post, and all the other underfunded and understaffed postal services deliver any faster than they do

Please be patient. Delivery times at Christmas are bad at best, and appalling at their worst.

Personally I’ve been waiting on small letter sized package to arrive from the US for nine weeks now. It’s spent eight of those nine weeks travelling across the US in a pattern that can only be described as a cat’s cradle. I’m sure it’s been in all 50 states on its journey. Frustrating for me? Yes. The fault of the seller? No.

I’m always happy to replace or refund for a lost parcel, and I always work hard to make things right. But please no more threats.

toni xxjust send chocolate

3 thoughts on “The Post.”

  • Hi Toni, Happy New Year to you … I can’t believe people can be so rude when they don’t receive a parcel, you are such a lovely person, I can only imagine I would be a lot ruder than you could ever imagine if I was threatened! haha …

    I do like following the tracking of post items, and I find even items coming from the east coast of Australia to us over in the west, they can take weeks and weeks to arrive… Deb

  • Sorry Toni, But I had to laugh at this. I can totally relate to your description of mail traveling around the United States. I often watch the tracking on my packages I’ve ordered so I know when they are at my back door so I can get them inside before someone else decides to help me and take it inside THEIR house. HA. More than once I’ve watched a package leave the place I’ve ordered from which is Southwest of my home and travel about 12 miles from there to another post office and then on to another post office in the state North of them. Then it leaves there and takes a scenic trip Northwest of that state. This means that package has now gone further Northwest of my area only to then finally go 3 states to the East and down one and at that point I am happy as that last stop is only 90 minutes Southeast of me so it should be here by the next day.

    So the following day, I check tracking and see that package on its way……… 3 states to the East of me. WHAT!!??? WHY is it going on vacation to the East now? ugh. Then it goes back to the same spot it had just left that was 90 minutes from my home only to finally reach my door two days later. I guess it was tired after all that sightseeing and needed to rest an extra day. Mind you this is a package ordered from somewhere I often order from and most times it arrives at my door in approx. 2-3 days. When these packages take the scenic route as described above, they normally take about 9 days and sometimes 12 days.

    It’s frustrating to watch it traveling around the country more than I have. LOL
    Good luck on the orders getting to where they are supposed to be headed soon.


    • LOL I love watching the routes they take. I’ve had one parcel that was sent from the US be routed through Germany, then to the Bahamas and then back at us. I’ve also had one delivered to New Zealand instead of Australia LOL. I’m not worried about my parcels, I know how long it takes, but Dear Lord I get some rude people threatening me when they don’t get their delivery overnight. There were a total nine non-operational days over the two week Christmas/New Year break – and they’re only the ones I know about! Of course shipping times are going to be affected! xx

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