It’s (almost) a brand new year!

Hiya lovelies, well it’s the end of 2018 and I for one am happy to boot it out the door (with extreme prejudice)!

What an awful year it was for us.  To put it simply we stopped living and merely existed within an extreme stress bubble that wasn’t of our own making. 

The drama that existed in our private lives tumbled over into my business and creative life, and I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to make happy quilts when you are living a miserable existence. 

Martin and I have also made the hard to decision to take our house off the market. It was our Christmas gift to each other. Endless developers, amateur flippers, and sneering renovators had pushed us to the edge of our tolerance. The stress we are under from living in a less-than-optimal neighbourly situation was only being made worse by living in real estate limbo.

To those of you who know us well, I know you are worried for us but this is the right decision for the time being. Your support and strong shoulders have got me, in particular, through the worst of it all. Thank you with heartfelt sincerity and gratefulness.

So what’s in store in 2019 for The Red Boot Quilt Company? 

Well a total re-think to begin with. There have been so many changes behind the scenes this year. Almost every selling and social media platform has changed or closed and this has left us in a vulnerable position. We are also being pushed to sell for $2 per pattern on some sites (before substantial fees) and that’s simply not sustainable. 

Our Etsy and Red Boot’s store will undergo some structural changes in January. If you haven’t already noticed, our free patterns have been removed from all sites for the time being. They were downloaded almost 127,000 times in 2018 but didn’t actually channel much business our way.  

Again a big heartfelt thanks to everyone who ‘bought me a coffee’ through the app this year. Your generosity gives me hope.

So onwards and upwards in 2019. A fresh re-start both personally and for the business. I’m very happy to have been asked by the lovelies at Thermoweb to stay on as a brand ambassador in 2019. I’m not good at doing little projects, quilts are my thing, so I’ll be doing a free mystery block-of-the-month starting in February. Stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for your support during 2018. I have appreciated it more than you can possibly imagine. You’ve kept me going when I didn’t think I had anything left to give. Much love to everyone, and Happy 2019. I hope the new year brings you health and happiness, toni xx

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12 thoughts on “It’s (almost) a brand new year!”

  • May 2019 be a wonderful year. I hope you, and other designers, find a platform that works well for you, and your customers.

    I am really looking forward to your mystery BOM. If your pattern are any indication, it will be a lot of fun.

    Wishing you and Martin the very best now and going forward.

  • The very best to you and yours in the new year! Been following your blog for a while…so sorry on what you and your family had been going through. Hopefully 2019 will be better than ever…can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Red Boot Quilt Co…excited about the mysterious bom. Always love your creations and seeing your many followers’ completed projects! Hugs. VA

  • All the best for the coming year Toni. We wish you all the success in the New Year and get a good rest, regroup and come out guns blazing ( well not literally, but you know what I mean). We will still be with you in 2019. Take care lovely lady.

  • Happy New Year to you Toni. I love your patterns & wonderful sense of humour in spite of all the ‘crap’ you have to deal with.
    Looking forward to your designs in 2019 but take a break and give yourself a well deserved rest. Hang in there. Sandra P

  • A very Happy New Year to you! Hope your pesky neighbors move or go on a very prolonged vacation. Just remember your loyal followers don’t mind you complaining. We all have problems, you’re the lucky one who can vent to virtual strangers and not get in “trouble” like I seem to. Hope you have a much more peaceful year. 🙂 Robin in FL

    On Dec 29, 2018 23:19, “The Red Boot Quilt Company” wrote:

    The Red Boot Quilt Co. posted: “Hiya lovelies, well it’s the end of 2018 and I for one am happy to boot it out the door (with extreme prejudice)! What an awful year it was for us. To put it simply we stopped living and merely existed within an extreme stress bubble that wasn’t of our “

    • Thanks Robin, you take care of yourself, you’re allowed to complain about the ups and downs of life. From time to time I get angry emails telling me to stick to quilting and stop talking about our day-to-day struggles. Sometimes it’s very upsetting but humans are a mixed and varied bunch, some with more empathy and understanding than others. xx

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