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  • I agree – long live lime green. We are downsizing into a condo in September and everything will be builder beige. I DID make sure we chose hardwood flooring over carpet so I can add colourful rugs. Once we are settled I will make sure I get some colour on at least the sewing room walls. Colour makes me happy, too. πŸ™‚

  • I’m with you Toni – all the “doing up houses” shows all end up with a no character no colour house…If buyers cant imagine their own stuff in a place – let them buy elsewhere. Good Luck with your sale in any case.

  • I just love color. If you’re living there, you should be able to have what ever colors you want! Go bold with lots of colors….makes you feel alive! Love the green!

  • Yay!!!! I hate neutral. When we were looking to buy the agents kept pointing out how the houses we were looking at were such great neutral colours, just ready for us to move in and start living our neutral lives. Now don’t get me wrong some people love neutral and that is fine, it just isn’t ME. I need colour! All of those neutral houses were a real turn off. One that sticks in my mind in particular was grey. The walls, floors, cupboards, kitchen benches, bathroom, outside bricks, everything was grey. It was so depressing, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Long live lime green!

    • The RE agents even wanted us to put our furniture in storage and have a minimal, neutral palette. If neutral is your thing, that’s fine, but I like colour, it makes me happy. That little green chair has made me smile. Dark grey carpet and ash grey timber is the flooring of choice up here at the moment, plus grey walls, cupboards and everything else. I love a good grey, really love a good dark grey, but not for everything. Yuck. We even had to take our artwork down. What a dull life some people must lead LOL. xx

  • Amen! My next door neighbor was going to sell her home so she painted EVERYTHING a dull beige. Like it’s not dull already…no offense if you have everything beige. She invited other friends in to see the great work she did. Of course I say, Lisa why all beige? She quickly said because she liked it. Even redid kitchen+ bathroom backsplash tiles to match. I told her before she started most people rather start with white or do nothing + let them decide what colors. She always thinks wrongly that she knows best. Unfortunately she insisted on being available at the open house. No.1 complaint from all who entered was the ugly shade of beige everywhere. She took the house off the market the next week, due only to the fact that no one praised her painting or appreciated all her work. She is now working 2 jobs, including weekends just to keep up the mortgage. Never has her a/c below 80Β°F. Never turns her heat on and has sold or gotten rid of all but 2-4 pieces of furniture because she thought she was going to move. She tried to rent out rooms but is so OCD that she has police kick them out. To make a long story longer… DAMN right have acid green in your home if that’s what makes you happy! Naturally, just don’t go crazy with it and expect others to love it too. P.S. True Story!

    On Sun, Dec 30, 2018, 00:28 The Red Boot Quilt Company The Red Boot Quilt Co. posted: “We’ve said no to ‘real estate neutral’ > paint colours. Long live lime green paint and old chairs! Making our own > kind of happy heading into 2019. ” >

    • Robin, it’s like that here, everything has to be beige, white or grey. All the houses have the same flooring and paint schemes, even the the lighting is the same. Yuck. We ended up painting the interior of our house a light off-white to placate the real estate brokers. Even then they didn’t like our colourful furniture and wanted us to put it in storage and rent neutral furniture. We said no LOL. The most ridiculous part of it all was that most buyers want to demo the house and build apartments anyway LOL.xx

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