Craftsy Closure.

Hey lovelies, 

I’ve kept a Craftsy store for a few years as a backup. All designers on Craftsy have received an email this week advising that they will be closing down our stores. If you have been invited to stay, they say they will cutting down on the patterns available. We have no say in what stays or goes.

We’ve been given 10 days notice. Many of our small independent designers have been left with no store and therefore no income. They couldn’t argue their case, Craftsy is simply deleting their stores without consultation.

According to the Craftsy email I received, I’m a ‘top designer’ and they will be allowing me to keep my store open but they will take control of everything including what patterns I can sell and what I can’t. Not good enough Craftsy – boo to you!

My free patterns have been downloaded over 100,000 times on Craftsy this year but paid sales have run at a trickle. Therefore I am closing my Craftsy store as of tonight.

Craftsy have assured us that the patterns will remain in your pattern library but I would strongly suggest you download any files to your computer as soon as possible as a precaution.

Love to all, toni xx


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