Easy Pet Mats – Free Pattern

Hi y’all, for split second just then I couldn’t remember what day it was. Gosh this week has flown by and we’ve been so busy. The crew are working long retail hours and I’ve been juggling two property developers who are interested in putting an apartment block where our house currently stands. I got five hours sleep last night and I’m ready to wave the white flag of surrender!

I’ve decided to end our 24 Days of Christmas early – I simply can’t keep up with all the demands on my time at the moment and this coming week is going to be a doozy. It’s also possible that we could be looking for a new place to live in a hurry.

2018 has been an interesting year, both defeating and rewarding, and at times intensely stressful. I haven’t had the time to grow Red Boots as much as I would have liked. To be honest I think I stalled this year, it was hard to stay positive and immensely difficult to be creative. 

I won’t wish you a Merry Christmas just yet, I’ll be popping in before the big day to say hi. I’m just giving myself permission, if I want, to take a little Christmassy break and focus on my family and friends.

I’ve put together a little free pattern to end the year. Forgive the lack of decent photos, between the rain and property inspections – well you know how it is. You can download the pattern by simply clicking on the file below –

Easy Pet Mats PDF

Enjoy your week lovelies and thank you, toni xx


6 thoughts on “Easy Pet Mats – Free Pattern”

  • Thank you Toni for the cute pet mats. I’ll have my fingers crossed you can finally escape that house and get an amazing place next. Maybe you should call the police and ask about the area you might want to move and ask if there are any crazy neighbors causing trouble and see if they’ll guide you a bit. LOL I hope your life can slow down, even if just for the one day to celebrate Christmas with your family.

  • Thanks for the cute freebie pattern and for your sales these past few days. I have added a few of your wonderful patterns to my collection. Happy Holidays!

  • Thank you for another cute and fun pattern. I do not know how you have got so much done this year. I hope 2019 is a LOT quieter and less stressful than the last couple for you.

  • Sounds like you have so much more going on then just Christmas crazy. Take the time to enjoy your friends and family -you have certainly earned it. Have a very Merry Christmas and hope that 2019 allows you a little more creative time and a lot less stress !!! 🎄🎄😊

  • As each New Year starts we always have plans and high hopes of what we think/want to do. Sometimes they work and sometimes “not so much”. I think you have been through a lot of those “unplanned” spikes and will endure. Don’t beat yourself up. You seem to be a very careing, giving women who is carrying a big load. Thanks for all you’ve given us this past year and keep your chin up. We’ll all still be here for you when you are ready. Warmest wishes.

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